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Monday, January 7, 2019

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Making : lists... LOTS of lists. I have pregnancy brain, so if I don't write things down, it doesn't get done.
Cooking : the most recent thing I cooked was tacos. I'm a pretty basic cook.
Drinking : Water, water, water
Reading: Meaty by Samantha Irby , I loved her other book 'We Are Never Meeting in Real Life' so much, so I picked up her other book. Chances are great if you can make me laugh hysterically with words, you are mines forever.
Wanting: A pregnancy pillow! I am so uncomfortable... I keep dragging my feet, because I know I only have a month to two months left .. and what am I going to do it with it after?
Looking: For a birthday present for my mother. I have gone to countless stores, and nothing has really jumped out at me for something to buy her. I told her to send me a link of something she WANTS! She's more of a 'needs' shopper than a 'wants' shopper.
Deciding: Which notebook I want to use for my journal this year. I really want to start keeping one- it's therapeutic. (we'll see if I stick with it_but hopefully). I'm leaning towards this ... That way if I abandon it a month in- I can re-gift the other two note books, or use them for something else.
Wishing: That my back would crack!!! Heck my whole spine. I need it.
Enjoying: A clean house. My mom- bless her- came over and helped me deep clean my living room and kitchen. I can't bend these days, so her efforts were MUCH appreciated.
Waiting: For this baby! A girl is un-comfy, and I want to hold him in my arms.
Liking:Concealer... enough said.
Wondering: If I can sneak one of the conference room chairs into my cubicle. They are so much easier on my back- than the cheap crap they stuck us with.
Loving: My sons!
Pondering: So my son brought to my attention, that 2+2=4 and that 2x2=4 ... and asking me why that is. For the life of me I had to think on this for entirely too long... so much so- I questioned if both were correct. LOL!
Listening: So I occasionally listen to church online. Usually on Wednesdays when I'm stuck in the office. I really adore Pastor John Gray. He makes me laugh, as does Joyce Meyer. (as I stated earlier, if you can make me laugh- you have me sold).
Considering: Selling both my 35mm and 135mm lens and just getting the 24-70mm lens and calling it good!
Buying:I had bought so much makeup from ULTA they gave me a free water bottle- lol. I ran out of EVERYTHING though. Usually, I sporadically need things. Eyeliner here, mascara there, foundation etc... but no I legit ran out ALL at once.
Watching: hmm... Nothing too notable. Dominic's dad explained all of Bird Box to me... so much so I don't feel the need to watch it. Horror/Psycho - thrillers aren't really my jam anyway. I watched the Ellen special, which was okay... *shoulder shrug*
Hoping: That we have a mild winter *knocks on wood* ... more importantly that this baby boy makes his debut on a clear and sunny day!
Marveling: I know "Marveling" means to be amazed, but I always talk about Marvel comics every-dang-time this prompt shows up. I'm rarely in full amazement ... impressed yes, amazed- seldom. ANYWAY- Hulu released the full second season or Runaways - and I've been glued in.
Cringing: Probably... scents, food, bodily functions... something is bound to assault my nostrils, being pregnant and all.
Needing: A pedicure! My aunt gave me a gift card for Christmas- I'm debating if I want to go pre- or post- baby. My feet are ROUGH though. I would also like a leg wax and a Brazilian ... A girl can't even see her feet, let alone bend to shave anything below my navel - haha TMI, I know.
Smelling: My 'Fresh Sparking Snow' hand cream, gifted by my boss.
Wearing: Maternity leggings, a gray top, a purple fly-away sweater, underwear, & boots.
Noticing: Gone are the days of universal chargers. EVERY -DANG -ELECTRONIC has their own size and port, so you HAVE to buy an expensive charger, to go with anything you own...
Knowing: God is good and is for me/us/everybody.
Trouble-shooting: All things Nintendo... *grumbles*
Thinking:Some of these women at work talk too much... TOO MUCH.
Admiring: The universal human spirit. That sounds a bit deep, but honestly you see and read about poor countries, and people with difficulties in their life and how much hope they still have!
Bookmarking: I randomly found this website, & I LOVE it, she is from Sweden and the images are stunning, you will have to translate the page to read the posts (unless you speak Swedish).
Feeling:exhausted, uncomfortable, fine, okay, happy, sad LOL *hormones*
Dreaming: Almost hallucinating- dreams are VIVID when you're pregnant. Some crazy, some fun, some sad, and some raunchy :\ 
Hearing:chatter, the hum of the computer, and fingers tapping keys.
Celebrating: New Years... well sorta.. I didn't do anything this year, in fact i fell asleep before midnight, but I'm liking the whole organizing my calendar bit... I'm lame.. lol
Embracing: As much as I possibly can.


  1. Girl, the woman at my job are talking too much too. I want to scream, shut it!

    I'm hoping you found a gift for your mom!

    For the first time in ever I want to get a planner. Can you believe that I've never used one, lol.

    Your mom is seriously the best!

    I'm telling you ... I don't use any other lens now that I have the 24-70 ...

    I enjoy reading these posts :)

    1. You know- I understand a little chit chat -I do that too, but these women are on another level. I don't really need to know what quirky shit your cat does *shrugs*

      I found her a nice coffee mug at Pier 1! She also wanted a top, and I gave her one of the notebooks in the 3 pack I bought. She was pleased :D

      Planners are the only thing keeping me sane right now! I seem to ebb and flow with it throughout the year though. I use it for awhile, forget about it, use it, etc.

      Yes- I want to trade in the other two and just get that. Maybe a nice portrait lens for professional work. Bleh- another year, another time.


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