Monday, July 17, 2017

Maternity Photos

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If you wish to see all of them, view the rest here

Okay, so business is booming! I had 3 photography sessions in one week ! I made over 100 bucks and life is grand. So I know I share these on Facebook and Instagram to an extent so I do apologize for redundancy  (I apologize to Faith mostly ... haha. She's on all my social media). However, I will provide the link like above, that goes to all the photos.

So this is Desiree. She is my work bff. She started maybe a month, before I started 4 years ago. So we become close, because well circumstance, and her cubicle was by mine at the time. She's the one I work out with, the one I eat lunch with, the one who goes with me to Q'Doba every Monday. We close. Oddly enough we've only hung out outside of work when we did photos for her sister, and again when we did her maternity photos.

Desiree is from a small town, so that's where we decided to shoot photos. I don't typically "do" the country, but it was a nice break from my  normal life. It was peaceful. The people were insanely friendly, the dirt roads were horrifying, but the views (especially that sunset!) was  AMAZING. We walked around fields, we wandered in the stream (I was SO SCARED I'd slip or worse that she would!), we took pictures by a lake, flower fields, and more. I had a wonderful time.

Every week from now through August (probably longer if business keeps up) I'll share a few photos, from my various sessions. 


  1. LOL! You know that I don't mind! I'm picture crazy just like you!

    These are absolutely gorgeous! The scenery is so beautiful & the light!! That golden light is my favorite. Your work BFF is also so pretty! I know she's so happy with these!

  2. Beautiful pics! Love the one in the stream!


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