Saturday, June 24, 2017


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It's Saturday June 24th... These pictures were taken last Friday the 16th. I apologize for my lack of posts the past week, but the busy & the fatigue is real yall.

- Tornado season is upon us . . . In fact one touched down about 15 minutes away from where we live. A few homes were destroyed but fortunately nobody was hurt or killed. I will never understand how it is that clouds go out of control, but I digress. Actually that's not accurate, I've lived in the Midwest all my life, and heard the weather-mans speech about low pressure/high pressure enough times that I sorta get it.

When the sirens went off Dominic was absolutely terrified. He is NOT a big fan of that sound. He started bawling. I took us to the basement, because straight line 70+ mph winds we're coming through on top of everything else. The lights flickered on and off, the wifi went in and out. Once it was all said and done I went to check out the sky and damage. Everything was YELLOW (hence the photos). Dominic settled back into his recliner (in his underwear no less) and zoned out for awhile. The only damage was a down Power Line across the street. We were lucky.

- We saw a couple movies last weekend. Cars 3 and All Eyez on Me. Both were bad, lol. Cars 3 was BORING AF! Even Dom was indifferent to it. I HAD to see the Tupac movie, and Eric was all about seeing it as well. The acting was mostly horrible, the story flow was awkward, but the music was bomb ;)

- So I received a photography opportunity. I have a coworkers who's husband started a talent management company. Basically he books bands at local venues around town. Mind you this is mostly rock and country music. I would much prefer photograph hip hop artists- as I routinely do, but hey the money is equally greens and who I am to turn down jobs (or free liquor, lbvs). He asked if I would photo their various events, and also do head-shots for music artists who inquire to have them done. No brainer- I said yes. The more the merrier.

- For Father's Day I took my dad out to dinner. Not a whole lot to say here. I gave him a card with a gift card to go along with it and we ate Greek food. It was nice.

- The work week felt long and tedious. On Friday (23rd), Dominic's school sent out an email stating that a 5th grade student who attended Dom's same school drowned in a pool accident on Thursday. All the tears. I felt completely crushed, I cried off and on for the rest of the day. Sad that it happened to a child so young, devastated for the boys parents, and genuinely upset for all the kids who grew up with him over the last few years at the school. He may have been in Boy Scouts with Dom too, but I'm unsure. I decided not to tell Dominic unless he got wind of it and brought it up, than I wouldn't have a choice, but to discuss it. It's tragic and I am praying for that young man's family.


  1. Ugh, I was hoping that they would do Tupac some justice with that movie. Sad to hear. Not surprising that the music was bomb because his music is bomb :)

    I'm so sad to hear that. To think that he was most likely looking forward to summer break. Breaks my heart to read that.

    1. No they did not! It was awful. LOL
      I know it was tragic :(

  2. Glad you all made it through the storm. Just like you all experience frequent tornadoes, we have frequent hurricanes so I know exactly how you feel.

    I heard that Tupac movie was horrible so it was a unanimous decision to pass on that.

    It's always so tragic to hear about a child passing.. or anyone passing for that matter. But when it's a child, for me, it's a bit more heartbreaking because they didn't get a chance to grow up and experience the world as an adult. But I'm sure he's in a much, much better place.

    1. It's always a little nerve wracking!

      It was horrible. They didn't even get his life right, and left out huge pieces of his life too.

      It's completely heartbreaking. My heart goes out to his parents and siblings.


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