Rude, Lollygagging, & a Perfect BBQ

Friday, June 2, 2017

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There's my toothless boy! Sunday was weird, fun, and infuriating.

The infuriating: Sunday night into Monday. So someone moved in the neighborhood and decided to have a house party at 1:30 in the morning. There was well over 100 people. They parked up and down 4 blocks. They also were parking in other peoples driveways (WHO does that ?!). I don't know why this person thought their party wouldn't be broken up in less than an hour, but there it was. 4 cops came with their bright ass lights. Some left... some loitered in the streets, smoking blunts, drinking, being loud, honking horns, and being threatening. So the cops had to come back a couple more times. All I know is this had better not become a common occurrence !

The Rest (happy stuff)

Back track...

Sunday morning Dominic was feeling vastly better. I was too. I had rescheduled the photo shoot and we waited for the parents- to - be. I had never gone to this park before, but apparently, it's a super popular place to take photographs (TBH I'm not sure why... there's nothing that particularly interesting). My biggest thought is "why do I not have other photographer friends ?!" How does one even meet these people? Why is making new friends who aren't of the romantic variety so difficult when you're older? Anyway, she showed up, we did the damn thing. She was exhausted 30 minutes into it, but I had taken plenty of great photos, so we called it a day. (isn't she adorable?)

Afterwards, we met up with my friend at the Farmer's Market. I bought more enchiladas. The crowd was insane. We decided to get taco's for lunch while we were in that part of town. They were awful. Since Dominic refused to eat, and I took maybe 3 bites we grabbed Dominic a cupcake and I tried out a new (to me) coffee place called Roast.  Hand's down the best iced latte I've EVER had. Some nerdy hipster guy was performing music on the outside patio. It was lovely.

Since we had nothing else planned for the day we went to my friends apartment. (check out that view!). We watched kid movies on Netflix, walked around the park, lollygagged... We made the enchiladas I got from the Farmer's Market for dinner along with the chips and salsa. Eventually exhaustion settled in and we went home.

Memorial Day

I was running on empty between the loud -ass party and Dominic subsequently waking me up early that morning.  3 hours of sleep total. UGH! I also had horrible cramps. To say I was a hot ,emotional, angry-mess would be an understatement. I eventually gave up trying to get some more shut-eye and took Dominic to Subway for lunch, hit up Walgreens for tampons, and took Dominic to the park. Eric text me and asked if we'd like to meet him at his sister's house because she was having a BBQ. Not one for turning down free food (or spending time with him) we went.

Y'all... I had the best time. It completely turned my day around. His family is so kind and welcoming. They were asking me about Dominic's dad. I gave them the condensed version of our history. They told me they adore my son very much, and he's and I are both more than welcome in their family. I cried. I went outside on the porch and saw Eric teaching my son how to shoot a basket. I about cried again. I overheard Eric's sister and mother talking and they said "I really love those two being together (as in Eric and I)" . His mom also told me how much he adores me. My heart was very full and it meant the world to me, especially with how rocky everything started out. Not to mention the food was BOMB. His whole family (there were quite a few people there) and I spent the rest of the evening all curled up on the couch watching movies. It was a perfect night. (I wish I had taken photos! minus the two I posted on Facebook) 


  1. Who has that type of party on a Sunday night?! I can understand that type of behavior on a Friday or Saturday night! I hope this is not a regular occurrence, so ridiculous!

    The light in the pictures you took of the parents to be are perfection! Your work is so good!

    Awww, that is so sweet :) I love that they are good to you. It sounds like they are really happy to have you in his life! I saw your change in Facebook status (lol), so happy for you!

    P.S. I love the lifestyle type pictures in this post.

    1. I think they did it because the next day was Memorial Day and most people don't work. It hasn't happened since. Any party with over 20 let alone 100 people, in a residential neighborhood will be broken up within an hour at that 1:30 in the morning.

      LOL @ Facebook, yah, he definitely took me by surprise on that one. I never really brought it up or made a big deal about it. Then he told me to check it. It's nice to be claimed ;)


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