Tuesday, June 6, 2017


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Sorry about earlier... posted the photos but forgot to write the actual post. The joys of scheduling and forgetting :)

Saturday wasn't too terribly exciting. I took some photos of a mom and her daughter Saturday morning. We started at the museum where I got in trouble for taking "professional" photography on their grounds. I mean why tho? I took some pictures by some bushes and a bench. I wasn't running around with a wedding party. Anyway, I manage to sneak in a few before I was uncomfortable with the guy following me around and we went downtown. Yet there were tourist with their big cameras taking pictures with their families but whatevez. *side eye*

The rest of the afternoon ... I took Dominic to Mc Donald's and I cleaned. We went over to Eric's place after he got off work. Eric's mom and Dom rifled through a box of old toys and Dominic left with no less than 5 bags. (SIGHHHHHHHHHS! I had to go to Target to buy buckets to hold the new stuff). I WILL be making him fill up a box to give to the less fortunate/Goodwill whichever I get around to first. I expect tears and reluctance... but I don't care. My kid is spoiled. By me, by my parents, by his other grandparents, and even other people. I'll fully admit he's not shy about asking for stuff, and it's become an expectation of his, and well it's my job to knock the greed right out of him.

After we got back to my place the 3 of us ordered a pizza, watched some Netflix, and just hung out.

Since I didn't really have anything exciting to photograph on Saturday. I took some pictures of the front of the house. From 3 years ago my plants are now HUGE. My mom did a great job. The rose bush has been exploding all week. We are still trying to come up with ideas to give the shade/left side of the house a pop of color. All the flowers, including the hydrangea are white. Anybody know of any shade-loving plants that are pink, red, or orange? 


  1. The front of your house with all the luscious greens and flowers are incredible. Your mom did amazing! I'm obsessed!! So beautiful.

    That's so strange that, that guy did that. Especially since tourists were taking pictures which means that it is perfectly OK to take pictures there. Very strange.

    I love that you're going to have him donate some of his toys to the less fortunate. I think it is so important that children know how fortunate they are and that others aren't but that they can help in small ways.

  2. Yeah, that is dumb that you were targeted. It wasn't like you had a whole crew and a bunch of equipment or anything. Well, now you know to avoid that place.


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