Monday, June 12, 2017

Last Week

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I totally meant to post this last week, but I never got around to it. I was fairly busy the entire time.

Sunday: I dropped Eric off at work (hey finally! a cute picture of us.. the other 3 I have we're both completely inebriated). Christina, Dominic, and I (her kids were with their dad) went and had Sushi for lunch (I got Mc Donalds for Dom.. he won't touch the stuff). Afterwards we stopped at Roast and got some iced latte's and we went to the mall. I bought a TON of tanks from Old Navy. I'm finally set for summer. Target.

Monday: I went to work and had a doctors appointment. I also went to my son's dad's house. He moved into a new place that is only 3 minutes from my house! I am very happy for him. The last house he lived in had a million issues. One being the neighborhood was violent AF !

Tuesday: I dropped Dominic off for a few hours with his dad. Eric and I were attempting to visit a music studio that he wants to record in. The guy wouldn't answer his phone, so I took a ton of photos of him (I'm working on an hip-hop artists photo series) and we had Mexican food for dinner. We also finished watching Unbreakable Kimmy & restarted Power again.

Wednesday: My parents got back from North Dakota. I have a butt-load of family on my mother's side who live up there. They got Dominic a ton of souvenirs ... I think the coolest thing he got was a buffalo's tooth. He also got this neat Native American pouch thing-y. My mom spent almost 3 hours recapping their whole trip. OH MY!

Thursday: I went to work, we hung out with my folks again (it's summer, so they watch Dominic twice a week). I bought a couple things from Ulta Beauty store and picked up some organic foods from this place next to my parents house. I'm big on flavored soda water lately...  Mostly I'm trying to kick my soda habit.

Friday: Work. Yard work. Laundry. :) 


  1. Such a cute picture of you and Eric!

    3 mins away? That's awesome! It'll be so much easier dropping Dom off for a visit, etc.

    Sounds like a good week!

    1. Thank you <3
      Yes, it'll be so much easier! I might have to put him to work when the school year starts and make him take him to school a couple times a week.


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