Our Own Little Central Park

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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Sunday! This is my good friend Brandon. He recently moved downtown. I can't even begin to tell you how envious I am of him. So all those Snaps you saw of me on beautiful rooftop terraces probably make a little more sense now. He text me Sunday morning and I asked if Dominic and I wanted to grab lunch, walk around, check out his new place, and take pictures.

He is wanting me to take some urban landscape scenes to decorate his apartment with. We never got around to it, because slides, water, and a 6 year old happened. However, I did talk him into letting me take head-shots of him so I can use it to market more services. The photos above are not indicative of the quality images I took, those are more just random snaps I had on my camera. I figured I was going to toss them (minus the ones of Dominic), so I'd make a blog post out of them.

His new place was amazing. He moved into an old factory building (made into apartments). The ceilings were painted white rafters, and the wall's were half drywall and half brick. There is a huge window in the living room with a ledge to sit, it faces west so you can easily watch the sunset.

For lunch we went and got taco's, caught up on each others lives. Afterwards, we went to the park that runs through the middle of downtown. Dominic had a ball. I've posted all over social media different photos from that day. I left that day feeling invigorated. For one things I love spending time with my good friends, secondly it's nice to see someone who is truly living and doing what he wants to be and do. Honestly, many of my friends, including myself are all very frustrated with the state of our lives right now, so it was refreshing to see someone who is living his life exactly as he wants to. I admire that. 


  1. He (your friend) seriously gives off so many good vibes. He looks carefree and happy :)

    LOVE these images and Dom, can he get any cuter?!

    1. He does! and he is :) He's one of my favorite people.
      Dom just stays adorable LOL <3 thank you


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