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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


What I Learned in May

- The cafeteria at work makes my stomach hurt. I've come to this conclusion before, but that was when I still had my gallbladder. I've been good about bringing my own food, and I've been feeling better and slimming out.

- Most strangers are happy to take a picture if you ask them, and offer to send it to them :)  They always feel awkward and flattered simultaneously.

- Looking for a problem where there isn't one or proof of one will steal your joy, peace, and sanity. Knock it off. (I'm telling this to myself).

- Throw away tin-foil pans are the shizz. I like to make enchiladas in bulk and freeze them, and also use them when I make lasagna (which is hardly ever). Sure it's probably wasteful and bad for the environment since they don't bio-degrade (I don't think) , but since my level of f*cks given about that sort of thing is much lower than my own level of F's given for my own personal need for ease of cooking and pan washing... this is a win for me.

- I will stop wasting money on paper planners (the last one I bought was like $60 bucks!) and from flipping through it I haven't touched it since early March. I buy them and don't use them. I use the Reminders App on my iPhone for my "to-do" lists, grocery lists, ideas, and plans. Than I use Google calendar to plan out posts...

- If it's pouring rain nobody goes to the Farmers Market. Put on your favorite hooded sweatshirt and get out there! You'll have fun in spite of the weather.


Goals for June

- Get Dominic's very minor surgery scheduled. He is tongue tied, so they have to snip it :(

- Start a Wix website for my photography (I don't think I need more than a Facebook page, but people keep saying throw it on a website... whatever.) Also, get some business cards made from VistaPrint... (also suggested to me by a few folks)  

- Find a girl model willing to pose for me, for a creative project.

- Oil change... (Y'ALL!!!!!!!! What is my deal?! Just drive into Jiffy Lube omg... ) 


Hope you had a spectacular May <3

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