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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Sometimes I go location scouting for future photograph locations. This post really has nothing to do with this, but heyyyy random pretty pictures I took. Mostly, I want to reflect on what's going on lately. Often times I just write about what I'm doing, not necessarily all that introspective stuff...

Relationships & Friendships: Everything is steaming along. By now I'm sure you realize me & the boyfriend do not have the most stable relationship. I could put all the blame on him, but it's me too. So why do we bother? because we care about each other & if we go a few days without talking neither of us can stand it. Either it'll work or it won't. I'm not going to stress it anymore.

My friendships are good. Although we talk much less than we were. My child's dad and I are still on good terms. My best friend Christina & I have been making more of an effort to see each other and hang out, because our stress levels go way down when we do. Every woman should have a best friend, I firmly believe that. My other friend are good as well.

My family... honestly I feel like I could come up higher in this area. I feel like I don't talk to them as much lately. I've been busy and so have they. I guess with my folks watching Dominic two times a week coming up this summer that'll change.

How I've Been Feeling: Good actually. Some days are better than others, but isn't that just life? The weather has been great which always lifts my spirits. I've also made more of an effort to eat a little better and move more (always a mood booster!). I've also been diligently working on not being anxious/worrying about things completely out of my control. <-- I'm usually really bad about this, I ruminate about EVERYTHING.  What else... work is work, after you've been somewhere for years, it always seems the same, they're still "working on" remote coding *rolls eyes*.

Spiritual: This is about as up and down as my emotions, although it always has been. I always pray for Dominic. Myself? not so much, but sometimes. I pray for other people when something is plaguing them. I don't mean to be so wishy-washy, I think it's a combination of being busy and sheer exhaustion at times. Being a single mom of a little kid, trying to maintain relationships with others, going to work, and doing a side hustle can take a lot out of a person. I'm trying.

Home Front: No real news here. My gardens are blooming and we recently had an ant problem. I sprayed inside the house and outside the house. There seems to be much less. The weird thing is, they weren't getting into my food, they were just sorta chillin.

Creative: My photography hustle has been booming! I had a few people book sessions with me. Everyone keeps telling me I am too cheap, but I want people to WANT to have their photos done, so I have a large variety of things to show and offer. I will probably stay cheap through the holiday season and raise prices next year. 


  1. so glad you have the photography as a creative outlet, you and me both!
    hopefully when summer comes, everything will cheer up more! it always boosts my spirits with brighter weather.

    1. I'm glad you're having fun with it as well ! It's funny when I first got a DSLR it was just to take pictures of Dominic, but then I was like I could be making cash off this! ;) Plus I enjoy it.

      & I agree with your boosted spirits comment- I love summer.

  2. I love that you go location scouting.

    And I have to say, that you sound good. Reading this makes me happy since I know that you were having a hard time not too long ago. You look to be choosing happiness like you stated you would earlier this year!

    Yeah, the weather is really pissing me off. Non-stop rain and cold. I need it to get its act together. And this weekend when I had all these outdoor stuff planned ... looks like we're going to be rained out. Huge bummer since it's a long weekend. Hopefully mother nature changes her mind!

    1. I do ! I like to visualize what I can do. Than I bribe Dominic to pose for me ;)

      It does need to act right! But since viewing your Snapchat today (saturday) it looks like the weather was kind to you today <3 (i also wanted to eat all your food)


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