Howlin Hounds

Thursday, May 18, 2017

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So previously I discussed that I went to a place called Howlin' Hounds coffee. When I first walked in I was confused. I saw 3 bikers. I never took bikers as coffee drinkers outside of Folgers in a Styrofoam cup, because .. I'm an asshole? There we're a couple of the eccentric artist type people in there and your handful of hipsters. It was a dope place honestly. The owner (pictured) was easily the nicest person I've ever met. While I was there ... one of the biker dad's had a son a year younger than Dominic. The two buddied up and made all sorts of racket. His dad asked if I would take a couple pictures of his kid to give to the boy's mother for Mother's Day. I obliged. It was easily one of my favorite mornings of this entire year. Nobody really knew each other, but everybody was happy to talk and hang out with one another. It felt like one of those rare moments in life... but my heart felt full.

As far as all the Harley Davidson riders go ... the owner told me that the coffee shop used to be his dad's bar while he was growing up and that he decided to turn it into a coffee spot. A lot of the customers used to go there when it was a bar, and decided to keep going there for their morning cup of coffee. How cool! 


  1. Love this coffee spot! You can tell a little bit that it was once a bar with the stools! So artsy and love the paintings! I want one of these where I live!

    1. Maybe there IS something similar in your town or one close by ;) I've had to Google coffee shops and my cities name to find some of these places. So fun!


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