Boring Saturday

Monday, May 29, 2017

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These photos are just random . . . aside from the photo of the magazine on the patio chair (& why I took it... God knows) ... none were actually taken on Saturday.

This might've been the most boring Saturday we've had in a really long time, and I am SO okay with that. The most exciting thing we did was go to the grocery store. In fact, that was the only thing we did.

Dominic got very sick last Wednesday, he has been fighting it ever since. I took him to this small clinic Saturday afternoon fearing he had strep throat. He bawls his eyes out every time his Advil wears off and complains about his throat hurting. He didn't have it... it's viral.. and it'll go when it's ready to. (& yes.. he shared with everyone else too myself, my mom, and Eric) .

Afterwards, we wandered around the grocery store. I was starving and ready to hurl simultaneously. We got through it. I picked up the Magnolia magazine, because the checkout lane was moving at a snails pace so therefore I noticed it... and plus it's hands down my favorite HGTV show these days. I read through about half of it so far.. and now I'm craving fresh peaches in the worst way.

The rest of the evening was spent screen shotting maternity shoot ideas for a couple people I'm doing pictures for. Topped off with loads of cuddles for the kid and listening to him talk to me about Minecraft for the millionth time.

Some other noteworthy things from the week: 

- Dominic had his last day of kindergarten. Do you KNOW how quick that went?!

- Dominic also lost both of his front teeth.

- My dad's childhood best friend came into town. It's always fun to hear how my dad was decades ago. He came over to my parents house for dinner.

- We took Eric's mom out for her late Mother's Day dinner at Red Lobster. I know it's like the Applebee's of seafood, but their lobster pizza is delicious!

- Dominic told my mom that I needed to get busy making him a baby sister. *insert eyeroll*


  1. Haha, I'm glad you took the magnolia picture! Great composition :) They are all so fantastic!

    Boring days are often so needed.

    I hope he is feeling better. Hope you all are feeling better.

    I need to pick up that magazine. I love everything those two do!

    Maternity shoots?! How awesome!

    Kids with both of their front teeth gone are SO adorable.

    Yum, lobster pizza, so good! Haha, baby sister coming right up.

    1. Baby sister is gonna have to just wait! I love and yet am terrified of the idea of having more kids TBH..

      I love Chip & JoAnna too. I need a sappy story to get them to come up here and flip my little house LOL.


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