A 'Mid-West' Safari

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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So I decided to start documenting my weekend the old fashioned way. With my iPhone. It's rare that I take my big camera around without a purpose/photo shoot. It's bulky and sometimes a girl just wants her cross-body purse and iPhone. Not to mention I take a TON of photos, but I don't share them. HOWEVER, had I known about this outing 20 minutes before we had to leave ... this would've been a Canon Camera kind of outing LOL. (I didn't charge the battery) So while I was going to share iPhone snaps of various aspects of my weekend... I took so many at the Safari drive-thru park that I didn't want to bombard.

The night before I stayed up until 3 in the morning texting my most recent ex. Don't ask. Anyway, I slept until 9:30 in the morning. When I woke up I saw my best friend Christina had text me an hour earlier asking if I wanted to go to the Wild Animal Safari Park with the kids. I text her back.. no reply. I called. She was in the driveway ready to head-out with her two! I promised I could be ready in no less than 15 minutes and FLEW into overdrive. She picked us up and we drove 45 minutes to the park. It's been over 3/4 years since I went there.

It was rainy and cold all weekend! (HELLO ITS ALMOST MAY- KNOCK IT OFF) We watched the elk, deer, birds, and buffalo from the comfort of the car. Little mama sat in my lap in the front, because the boys kept hogging the window and she couldn't see. There was a couple exhibits to go walk to view the wolves and bear (not pictured). The kids had a ball! They were excited to hang out with each other, the outing was fairly chill, and they each got to pick out a stuffed toy frog from the gift shop. Afterwards, we had lunch at McDonalds.

Despite how whatever it all sounds, I had a great time. Sometimes impromptu, VERY last-minute plans can be the most fun (Even if I did destroy my brandnew Nike's having to hike around a bit).   

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  1. How fun! I'm sure Dom appreciated going so it was worth the rush to get ready to go! Hahaha, my camera is always charged just in case!!

    Time for some new Nikes ;)


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