Monday, April 24, 2017


IMG_2387 I'm home today. I have achy muscles, a cough, nausea, and fever. This is the 3rd month in a row. I went online and ordered a butt-load of vitamins. My son got sick. Naturally, I got sick. My mom thinks is just from excessive stress. I've been pretty unsatisfied in general. I gained a bunch of weight back. I'm not being the mother I wish to be. My romantic relationship went to total shit (again). I pray, but I'm apathetic. Everything/one is on my nerves. Maybe it's just a bad week and next will be spectacular? Today I'm just high on codeine, sipping water, and binge watching Weeds. (& over thinking EVERYTHINGIMG_2388 My sons fathers called me Tuesday/Wednesday around midnight. His words were "Emily, I need you to stay on the phone with me, in case something happens to me.". My heart sank. Gun shots. 6 of them right next door to his house. I told him to get down and stay low. An argument broke out at his neighbors house, and an ass hole did the ultimate power-move by bringing a gun into the situation. Although my son's dad wasn't part of the argument, as we all know... bullets have no names. He was okay though. The cops eventually showed up and all that (when you live in a bad neighborhood, they take their sweet @ss time, even though they are legit everywhere). Despite our past, if something were to happen to him, we all would be sad & hurt.
IMG_2398 I know none of these photographs make sense together. They're all just from random pictures taken Saturday. I haven't had food around the house for almost two weeks (Easter break and not being home much & all). So I took the boy and I out for breakfast at a local bagel place. I bribed him to let me take his photograph at the castle/garden place (I photograph there A LOT). I have a photo-shoot next week and was scouting out locations and backgrounds. I went and grabbed coffee to kill time before his dance practice. He colored and we played a couple rounds of Go Fish. Sunday he had soccer and scored 7 goals. I was half dead with body aches, got a major sun burn, and laid around the rest of the day. IMG_2386 Back peddling... Saturday afternoon after dance I met my best friend Christina for lunch. We both completely unloaded our emotional/relationship baggage. I haven't seen her in months. Dominic kept chiming in every 5 seconds. She made the grand suggestion that we go out for dinner and drinks that night. I called my parents and begged for them to baby sit, they obliged. We bought new shirts, got pretty and went out that evening. A part of me wonders why her and I don't make an effort to hang out more often. I always feel lighter and happier after we spend an evening hanging out. IMG_2389 Anyway, I hope you all had a much better week than I did. & here's to hoping my cold goes away quick and my heart even quicker ;)


  1. Hope you feel better. I think it's the worst when the weather starts getting nice and you get sick. It makes sense when you get sick in the wintertime to me. It def. could be stress related. Take it easy and try to give your brain/thoughts a break.

    Ugh, that is so scary. I'm glad to hear he is OK.

    Dom is adorable in that little outfit! Love that he is dancing and excelling in soccer! So awesome :)

    Seriously, time with a good friend is so good for the heart. Do it often!

    1. I overthink about how I overthink ;). I've been taking zinc supplements and they seem to be helping. Thank you regarding Dom (and his outfit). Yes! I need all the girlfriend hangs.


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