Monday, April 3, 2017


"Emily, didn't you just make a Square Space account and move everything over?" I did. Than I thought I was being a little ridiculous. I've taken a TON of photos for people in recent times however, I've yet to charge or get paid. I am not a legit photographer (yet) so what do I need an expensive website for ? As time marches on I may change my mind again. I think my best step now is to create a Facebook 'business' page, create a logo, and come up with fee's.

As the 3 of you who read my blog know. I made another Instagram account. The one scrolling at the bottom of this page is my 'Photography' one... and the one I've had for an eternity will be my person iPhone photos one. Mostly, I wanted my grids to look consistent. Either all Canon shots or all iPhone. 

I had a cold for two weeks in March. This was after a couple weeks of health from my Flu/cold combo back in February. SO OVER IT. Despite my malaise I actually have done some pretty fun stuff the past couple months. 

- Since Valentines Day was on a Tuesday I went out with somebody & Dominic. It wasn't the least bit romantic, but it was probably the most fun I've ever had on the National day for love. We all had dinner at this pizza buffet place (it was VERY mediocre) , hit up Dave & Busters and played video games for a couple hours, went to the grocery store where somebody bought me flowers that Dominic help him pick out, and than we just went back to the house and enjoyed movies. You wouldn't think spending Valentines Day entertaining a 6 year old would be too excited, but hands down it was the best. 

- I unexpectedly wound up at a club called Rhythmz. Had I known I was going to a club that night I would've wore anything but a damn sweater. (WARN A GIRL NEXT TIME). So despite being dressed like a stuffy librarian while everyone else was dressed ratchet-ly, I decided to throw a couple drinks back and dance my butt off. Sure there was a huge police presence, a few fights, and a couple folks staring at me like I was the white devil, but I had SO MUCH FUN. Would I want to go there every weekend? Of course not. I'm old and someones mother, but maybe once/twice a year. 

- I never watch horror movies. I hate them, but I made an exception to go see Get Out. I actually really enjoyed it. I liked it because it was different and I liked that it wasn't afraid to 'go-there' with racial issues. The person I went with was a black man and as we were leaving the couple sitting next to us goes "aye bruh... you meet her parents yet? you better be careful."  *insert eye-roll* . He meant it to be funny so I let it slideeee.... that and he was much bigger than me, lol

- I found out that our local camera shop sells used lenses. I bought two. One I wish I hadn't bothered (although it did come in handy when I photographed a comedy club... more on that later) the F-stop only went to 5... I like my lenses to go to 2.8, 1.8, 1.4, 1.2... you get it. So I may re-trade that one in. I also bought a 28mm prime lens and I LOVE it. I have a crop sensor camera so the 50mm feels like it's all up peoples business (which is fine for portrait shots), but sometimes I want something a little more versatile. I also purchased a used sling strap (screws into the bottom of the camera). It's nice to be able to wear your camera like a cross-body purse and shoot the photo and let it back down to your side, instead of dealing with a pesky shoulder strap. I also broke down and got a legit camera bag. Now I just need a tall tri-pod and we are golden! 

- So I shot pictures at a local comedy club. There's this fun little spot downtown called the Backline. It's where local comedians perform every weekend. We were all sandwiched in this small room. I got to take photographs of each of the performers (one is a good friends of mine) as they did their thing, the venue, the crowd, and some night shots outside. It was a blast. Each comedian was hilarious and I'm usually fairly picky on who I find hysterical (have you seen the Mike Epps special on Netflix? It's TERRIBLE- stick to movies boo) . I  did learn that zoom lenses are the way to go when taking photos for an event such as that. The one I brought was ok.. it did what it needed to do, but I have my heart set on a Sigma zoom lens in an affordable price range. 

- Since I've started putting myself out there with this whole photography venture, I've met some pretty dope people. One guy I met does promo videos for businesses and local music artists. He also is a poet and frequently gives performances. He had messaged me on Facebook inviting me to one of his poetry events. I obliged and had more fun than I anticipated. The performers were eloquent and their words were heartfelt/beautiful. A variety of topics were presented everything from racism, the black struggle, being biracial, the streets, self esteem, love, relationships etc. I definitely want to go again.  

- I did another photo shoot for a coworkers sister. She is graduating highschool and wanted some nice photos for her graduation invites and party board. I learned a couple things... I need to learn how to pose and style folks, and that I prefer these types of shoots over attempting to get good pictures of people moving about at events. I haven't quite found my niche yet, but I really just want as much experience with everything as I possibly can. 

-  We went to the zoo! I won't elaborate. We saw animals and it was fun. 

- I've been trying a ton of new, local restaurants. Whenever my best gal pal and I go out we always eat sushi. I've got a couple friends who are much more adventurous in their food. I have found a few new favorite places to eat. 

Anyway, this post got way wordier than I expected so I'll share more later, I hope you are all doing great. <3 


  1. Right now you're building your portfolio so I understand why you aren't charging right now. But soon, you'll have your portfolio to back up your talent so you'll have to start charging. I'm thinking that this time next year, you'll have a bunch of paying clients :)

    I had a cough that wouldn't go away for months. I just realized that it is finally gone.

    Aww, that sounds like a great Valentine's Day!

    Staring at you like you're the white devil? WHAT?! Glad you had fun though. I love letting loose and dancing too but my body can't handle it like it use to do.

    I don't like horror movies either but everyone keeps telling me to watch Get Out. I think I'm going to do it, hopefully before it leaves the theatres.

    That's so awesome! I have to check out and see if local camera shops here sell used lenses. Glad that you're taking all these pictures. I hope you share some of the shoots soon!

    I love trying new restaurants too. One of my favorite hobbies! Loved reading your update. I feel like I'm all caught up now ;)

    1. I really so hope! I could use the extra funds, plus I love doing it ! You should definitely see it. It's not really scare as it is completely F'd up... A little gory at one part but just look away.. LOL. I've slowly been sharing some photos on Instagram, but I will send you my Flickr link :)

  2. Sounds like you are getting some really great shoots in. You might need that fancy website sooner rather than later! Yeah, that sucks when you feel like you aren't dressed right (anytime really). Glad you made the most of it and had fun anyhow.

    1. It does suck when you feel you aren't dressed appropriately for the occasion. I seem to find myself in that situation more often than not. I try not to dress provocatively ... because you know I'm 32..., but maybe on weekends when I'm out with friends and someone decides to do an impromptu trip to the club I should start ;)


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