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Monday, April 10, 2017


Hey everyone.

This weekend was pretty fun! I spent Saturday looking at apartments with a friend of mine. They want to move to the downtown area. I am always down to look at real estate/ rental properties... I guess I like to pretend I'm on a low-budget version of House Hunters. One apartment complex in particular had amazing views... I was feeling a tad jealous. We enjoyed lunch at upstream. I ordered the 'blonde pizza' and had them add chicken. It's basically a thin-crust pizza with Alfredo sauce, cheese, tomato and basil. Very tasty. Between apartment showings I introduced my friend to my favorite coffee shop and we also stopped at a used bookstore where I picked up a kid book for Dom and The Great Gatsby for me (I love the movie, I want to read the actual book).

In the evening I dropped Dominic off with my parents. The guy and I went and got some cheap Mexican food, and proceeded to binge watch the second season of The Get Down (words can't express how much I love this Netflix original). I also had a tad too much to drink and spent all of Sunday extremely fatigued and head-ache-y (serves me right).

Dominic had soccer on Sunday. He scored THREE goals. My sweet boy has very little focus when it comes to sports, but he's finally starting to become more competitive. I was proud of him.

I was a bit moody this past week. The sun didn't shine for legit 8-10 days. I think everyones mood was affected. (How do you do it Seattle?!) . I did however, get to hold a new born baby which pretty much sent all of my reproductive organs soaring. She was a beautiful baby and she weighed the exact same amount as my son did... so it definitely had this strange de ja vu familiar feeling to it. I want ALL the babies now.

I learned this week why you shouldn't cash out your IRA... it'll majorly effect your tax return. So lame. I NEEDED it for medical bills.

So I decided to write out weekly goals for myself. Mostly so I get crap done. I should make this it's own post, but I'm lazy and really only have it in me to update once a week (and btw forgive my random cheesecake picture. . . I haven't taken pictures for myself for a couple months now... maybe next week). 

Weekly Goals

- Get the oil changed in my car (LONG overdue)

- Get Dominic’s easter basket together (this may be too easy, since I’ll do it anyway, but whatever -we here now’)

- Reorganize Dominic’s closet and wardrobe.

- Create a logo for my pho-tog !

- Clear out garden beds (UGH!)


  1. Whenever we have house hunted I've liked to pretend I'm on House Hunters too, haha.

    I haven't watched The Get Down! I need to get on that. I'm currently binging 13 Reasons Why on Netflix!

    Three goals! Loved seeing that on snapchat!

    I gotta organize my closet too! I keep procrastinating. This year we're hiring landscapers to do our front lawn and I'm stoked! I'm not the gardening type, lol.

    1. Yes you do need to get on that! It's an amazing show. Very creative.

      I'm not the gardening type either as I have found out. My mom winds up doing most of it :\

  2. it is crazy to me how big Dominic is getting because I have been following along on your blog for so many years! it's like we're distant friends haha

    I also love house hunting even though we aren't in the market for it, it's just nice to look!

    1. He's huge! It amazing I know it's been years, but it's gone by so quickly simultaneously. I love house hunting too. Open house... don't mind if I do.


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