Monday, April 17, 2017

3 Day Weekend

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You would've thought with a 3 day weekend that I would have taken gobs of photos of our Easter. I didn't even take one (outside of my iPhone). However, I did take pictures for a personal trainer and his class Friday evening. I've taken photographs for him before, and I guess he just likes to have photos to promote his business on Facebook. The trainer-dude is actually my sons uncle (hence the photo of them standing together flexin') . I had a purchased a used Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 lens on Amazon for about 250 dollars and I must say it's probably the best zoom lens I own. I will also never purchase a lens brand new again! There's almost zero reason to.

The weekend was a whirlwind of TOO much food. Panera, Arby's, Papa Murphys, Taco Bell, family dinner, Chinese food, Buffalo Wild Wings. I'm almost nauseated just thinking about it all. However, it was a fun weekend. I got to spend ample quality time with Dominic, my guy, and my extended family. We rented Trolls (for Dom ofc) and Moonlight ... and quite honestly I was bored to tears through half of the movie and didn't even end up finishing it- it was also depressing so I wasn't in the mood to be unhappy. We did our typical Easter traditions. Dyeing eggs, finding Easter eggs, and having a big dinner with relatives (I also did my every-single-holiday tradition of drinking entirely too much gin- no chill). On Easter Sunday, Dominic hung out with his dad and other family for awhile . . . I did some light cleaning and laid around.

The week was fairly mundane. We stayed with my folks for a couple days since my son is on Spring break and they had to watch them. I went to 4 store looking for work slacks, before finding exactly what I was looking for at Target of all places. (I hate work pants that look matronly). I purchased and iPad. My laptop is a very cheap HP ... so when I edit photos there's a huge discrepancy on what it looks like on my computer vs my iPhone.  Drives me nuts! So I bought an iPad because you can use Lightroom on it (and your iPhone too weirdly enough).  


  1. That is a lot of food, haha! I want Chinese food now!

    You are so right ... I think the next lens I purchase I'll def. get used as well.

    If someone were taking pictures for me to promote a business I had, I'd love it! He's lucky to have you as his photographer.

    I hope you have a great week!

    1. It was an insane amount of food. Barf.

      Go with used! Save a hundred dollars for a basically brand new lens.


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