Monday, April 24, 2017


IMG_2387 I'm home today. I have achy muscles, a cough, nausea, and fever. This is the 3rd month in a row. I went online and ordered a butt-load of vitamins. My son got sick. Naturally, I got sick. My mom thinks is just from excessive stress. I've been pretty unsatisfied in general. I gained a bunch of weight back. I'm not being the mother I wish to be. My romantic relationship went to total shit (again). I pray, but I'm apathetic. Everything/one is on my nerves. Maybe it's just a bad week and next will be spectacular? Today I'm just high on codeine, sipping water, and binge watching Weeds. (& over thinking EVERYTHINGIMG_2388 My sons fathers called me Tuesday/Wednesday around midnight. His words were "Emily, I need you to stay on the phone with me, in case something happens to me.". My heart sank. Gun shots. 6 of them right next door to his house. I told him to get down and stay low. An argument broke out at his neighbors house, and an ass hole did the ultimate power-move by bringing a gun into the situation. Although my son's dad wasn't part of the argument, as we all know... bullets have no names. He was okay though. The cops eventually showed up and all that (when you live in a bad neighborhood, they take their sweet @ss time, even though they are legit everywhere). Despite our past, if something were to happen to him, we all would be sad & hurt.
IMG_2398 I know none of these photographs make sense together. They're all just from random pictures taken Saturday. I haven't had food around the house for almost two weeks (Easter break and not being home much & all). So I took the boy and I out for breakfast at a local bagel place. I bribed him to let me take his photograph at the castle/garden place (I photograph there A LOT). I have a photo-shoot next week and was scouting out locations and backgrounds. I went and grabbed coffee to kill time before his dance practice. He colored and we played a couple rounds of Go Fish. Sunday he had soccer and scored 7 goals. I was half dead with body aches, got a major sun burn, and laid around the rest of the day. IMG_2386 Back peddling... Saturday afternoon after dance I met my best friend Christina for lunch. We both completely unloaded our emotional/relationship baggage. I haven't seen her in months. Dominic kept chiming in every 5 seconds. She made the grand suggestion that we go out for dinner and drinks that night. I called my parents and begged for them to baby sit, they obliged. We bought new shirts, got pretty and went out that evening. A part of me wonders why her and I don't make an effort to hang out more often. I always feel lighter and happier after we spend an evening hanging out. IMG_2389 Anyway, I hope you all had a much better week than I did. & here's to hoping my cold goes away quick and my heart even quicker ;)

Monday, April 17, 2017

3 Day Weekend

IMG_0010 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009

You would've thought with a 3 day weekend that I would have taken gobs of photos of our Easter. I didn't even take one (outside of my iPhone). However, I did take pictures for a personal trainer and his class Friday evening. I've taken photographs for him before, and I guess he just likes to have photos to promote his business on Facebook. The trainer-dude is actually my sons uncle (hence the photo of them standing together flexin') . I had a purchased a used Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 lens on Amazon for about 250 dollars and I must say it's probably the best zoom lens I own. I will also never purchase a lens brand new again! There's almost zero reason to.

The weekend was a whirlwind of TOO much food. Panera, Arby's, Papa Murphys, Taco Bell, family dinner, Chinese food, Buffalo Wild Wings. I'm almost nauseated just thinking about it all. However, it was a fun weekend. I got to spend ample quality time with Dominic, my guy, and my extended family. We rented Trolls (for Dom ofc) and Moonlight ... and quite honestly I was bored to tears through half of the movie and didn't even end up finishing it- it was also depressing so I wasn't in the mood to be unhappy. We did our typical Easter traditions. Dyeing eggs, finding Easter eggs, and having a big dinner with relatives (I also did my every-single-holiday tradition of drinking entirely too much gin- no chill). On Easter Sunday, Dominic hung out with his dad and other family for awhile . . . I did some light cleaning and laid around.

The week was fairly mundane. We stayed with my folks for a couple days since my son is on Spring break and they had to watch them. I went to 4 store looking for work slacks, before finding exactly what I was looking for at Target of all places. (I hate work pants that look matronly). I purchased and iPad. My laptop is a very cheap HP ... so when I edit photos there's a huge discrepancy on what it looks like on my computer vs my iPhone.  Drives me nuts! So I bought an iPad because you can use Lightroom on it (and your iPhone too weirdly enough).  

Monday, April 10, 2017

Apartment shopping, Netflix binge, & Other Stuff


Hey everyone.

This weekend was pretty fun! I spent Saturday looking at apartments with a friend of mine. They want to move to the downtown area. I am always down to look at real estate/ rental properties... I guess I like to pretend I'm on a low-budget version of House Hunters. One apartment complex in particular had amazing views... I was feeling a tad jealous. We enjoyed lunch at upstream. I ordered the 'blonde pizza' and had them add chicken. It's basically a thin-crust pizza with Alfredo sauce, cheese, tomato and basil. Very tasty. Between apartment showings I introduced my friend to my favorite coffee shop and we also stopped at a used bookstore where I picked up a kid book for Dom and The Great Gatsby for me (I love the movie, I want to read the actual book).

In the evening I dropped Dominic off with my parents. The guy and I went and got some cheap Mexican food, and proceeded to binge watch the second season of The Get Down (words can't express how much I love this Netflix original). I also had a tad too much to drink and spent all of Sunday extremely fatigued and head-ache-y (serves me right).

Dominic had soccer on Sunday. He scored THREE goals. My sweet boy has very little focus when it comes to sports, but he's finally starting to become more competitive. I was proud of him.

I was a bit moody this past week. The sun didn't shine for legit 8-10 days. I think everyones mood was affected. (How do you do it Seattle?!) . I did however, get to hold a new born baby which pretty much sent all of my reproductive organs soaring. She was a beautiful baby and she weighed the exact same amount as my son did... so it definitely had this strange de ja vu familiar feeling to it. I want ALL the babies now.

I learned this week why you shouldn't cash out your IRA... it'll majorly effect your tax return. So lame. I NEEDED it for medical bills.

So I decided to write out weekly goals for myself. Mostly so I get crap done. I should make this it's own post, but I'm lazy and really only have it in me to update once a week (and btw forgive my random cheesecake picture. . . I haven't taken pictures for myself for a couple months now... maybe next week). 

Weekly Goals

- Get the oil changed in my car (LONG overdue)

- Get Dominic’s easter basket together (this may be too easy, since I’ll do it anyway, but whatever -we here now’)

- Reorganize Dominic’s closet and wardrobe.

- Create a logo for my pho-tog !

- Clear out garden beds (UGH!)

Monday, April 3, 2017



"Emily, didn't you just make a Square Space account and move everything over?" I did. Than I thought I was being a little ridiculous. I've taken a TON of photos for people in recent times however, I've yet to charge or get paid. I am not a legit photographer (yet) so what do I need an expensive website for ? As time marches on I may change my mind again. I think my best step now is to create a Facebook 'business' page, create a logo, and come up with fee's.

As the 3 of you who read my blog know. I made another Instagram account. The one scrolling at the bottom of this page is my 'Photography' one... and the one I've had for an eternity will be my person iPhone photos one. Mostly, I wanted my grids to look consistent. Either all Canon shots or all iPhone. 

I had a cold for two weeks in March. This was after a couple weeks of health from my Flu/cold combo back in February. SO OVER IT. Despite my malaise I actually have done some pretty fun stuff the past couple months. 

- Since Valentines Day was on a Tuesday I went out with somebody & Dominic. It wasn't the least bit romantic, but it was probably the most fun I've ever had on the National day for love. We all had dinner at this pizza buffet place (it was VERY mediocre) , hit up Dave & Busters and played video games for a couple hours, went to the grocery store where somebody bought me flowers that Dominic help him pick out, and than we just went back to the house and enjoyed movies. You wouldn't think spending Valentines Day entertaining a 6 year old would be too excited, but hands down it was the best. 

- I unexpectedly wound up at a club called Rhythmz. Had I known I was going to a club that night I would've wore anything but a damn sweater. (WARN A GIRL NEXT TIME). So despite being dressed like a stuffy librarian while everyone else was dressed ratchet-ly, I decided to throw a couple drinks back and dance my butt off. Sure there was a huge police presence, a few fights, and a couple folks staring at me like I was the white devil, but I had SO MUCH FUN. Would I want to go there every weekend? Of course not. I'm old and someones mother, but maybe once/twice a year. 

- I never watch horror movies. I hate them, but I made an exception to go see Get Out. I actually really enjoyed it. I liked it because it was different and I liked that it wasn't afraid to 'go-there' with racial issues. The person I went with was a black man and as we were leaving the couple sitting next to us goes "aye bruh... you meet her parents yet? you better be careful."  *insert eye-roll* . He meant it to be funny so I let it slideeee.... that and he was much bigger than me, lol

- I found out that our local camera shop sells used lenses. I bought two. One I wish I hadn't bothered (although it did come in handy when I photographed a comedy club... more on that later) the F-stop only went to 5... I like my lenses to go to 2.8, 1.8, 1.4, 1.2... you get it. So I may re-trade that one in. I also bought a 28mm prime lens and I LOVE it. I have a crop sensor camera so the 50mm feels like it's all up peoples business (which is fine for portrait shots), but sometimes I want something a little more versatile. I also purchased a used sling strap (screws into the bottom of the camera). It's nice to be able to wear your camera like a cross-body purse and shoot the photo and let it back down to your side, instead of dealing with a pesky shoulder strap. I also broke down and got a legit camera bag. Now I just need a tall tri-pod and we are golden! 

- So I shot pictures at a local comedy club. There's this fun little spot downtown called the Backline. It's where local comedians perform every weekend. We were all sandwiched in this small room. I got to take photographs of each of the performers (one is a good friends of mine) as they did their thing, the venue, the crowd, and some night shots outside. It was a blast. Each comedian was hilarious and I'm usually fairly picky on who I find hysterical (have you seen the Mike Epps special on Netflix? It's TERRIBLE- stick to movies boo) . I  did learn that zoom lenses are the way to go when taking photos for an event such as that. The one I brought was ok.. it did what it needed to do, but I have my heart set on a Sigma zoom lens in an affordable price range. 

- Since I've started putting myself out there with this whole photography venture, I've met some pretty dope people. One guy I met does promo videos for businesses and local music artists. He also is a poet and frequently gives performances. He had messaged me on Facebook inviting me to one of his poetry events. I obliged and had more fun than I anticipated. The performers were eloquent and their words were heartfelt/beautiful. A variety of topics were presented everything from racism, the black struggle, being biracial, the streets, self esteem, love, relationships etc. I definitely want to go again.  

- I did another photo shoot for a coworkers sister. She is graduating highschool and wanted some nice photos for her graduation invites and party board. I learned a couple things... I need to learn how to pose and style folks, and that I prefer these types of shoots over attempting to get good pictures of people moving about at events. I haven't quite found my niche yet, but I really just want as much experience with everything as I possibly can. 

-  We went to the zoo! I won't elaborate. We saw animals and it was fun. 

- I've been trying a ton of new, local restaurants. Whenever my best gal pal and I go out we always eat sushi. I've got a couple friends who are much more adventurous in their food. I have found a few new favorite places to eat. 

Anyway, this post got way wordier than I expected so I'll share more later, I hope you are all doing great. <3 

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