Benson Days

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- I live in Omaha. A lot of people don't know where that even is. Usually they say things like "oh, like Omaha Steaks?". Like yah.. I guess. I neither care about steaks nor Husker football (which I'm sure makes me a traitor or something, but sports have never been my jam).  Anyway, Omaha has a population of 430,000. 500,000+ if you count the surrounding suburbs. Like most mid to major cities in the U.S., usually you're divided by "sides" of towns and neighborhoods. We live in the Benson neighborhood. Every year they do their "Benson Days" which consists of a parade, food trucks, activities for kids, and booths ran by local businesses.

I called up my best friend and asked her (and her son) to go with us. We went out for breakfast before the parade, thankfully found a close parking spot, sat down on the curb and watched the boys snatch up candy as it was tossed to them. Dominic's favorite part was the dancing, he also enjoyed all the vintage old cars and vehicles (like the fire truck), and seeing a "cowboy" about made his whole year.  Afterwards, we wandered down the street, got some ice cream, let them get fake tattoos, and then headed home.

- It was such a gorgeous day out on Saturday that I insisted on being outside as much as possible. I briefly went to the library to pick up a book I won't read (lets get real), and a few kid books for Dom (which we will read no less than 20 times over in the next 3 weeks). Afterwards, we went to the art museum just to wander around the grounds. Dominic messed with the fountains, we looked at stuff, I snapped pictures. I'm not sure why, but I seldom want to be at home, except after work. I always want to be out seeing things, experiencing stuff, forcing people I don't know to talk to me (I'm that lady), and just about always I want to be outside.

- I bought Dominic all his school supplies. I think I was more thrilled about it than he was, I've always enjoyed school-supply shopping. The only thing he was excited for was to pick out a brand new backpack. He will start kindergarten in about 3 weeks and he has his first loose tooth! Big things for this little guy.

- I found out I am allergic to Herbal Essences. I bought it because it was on sale. For the past week or so my head has been itchy. I was so concerned about this that I checked Dominic for head lice and then I forced my reluctant mother to check my scalp too. Nobody has lice. She suggested I try a different shampoo and what do ya know- I'm not itchy. I tried Herbal Essences... itchy. So I shampoo'd once again and it was all good in the hood.

- Instagram pulled a Snap Chat, and now I'm torn on which to use. Why is there so much social media ?! Overwhelming. I think I had twitter for two days, and I recently deactivated Facebook for the 100th time.

- Well this coming weekend I have two days to myself, and I have no clue what to do. I have a tentative lunch date with my friend, but I really want to go out at night. Guess I'll see what Saturday brings. Have a good weekend <3. 

"Attacked" By Bats

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His expression in this last picture is EVERYTHING <3

- Since I am a glutton for punishment I went to zoo twice in one week. On Saturday Dominic and I went so we could check out the new spray-ground they put in. Y'ALL! It is so awesome. It is much bigger than what is pictured (darn me and forgetting I had my 50mm lens on) - I'm sure some of you saw it on Snap Chat! Dominic and I both had the best time running around... it was 99 degrees out, so even I got in on it.

We also saw a few other exhibits. One included our jungle. A nightmare came to life. We were walking on the bottom floor and suddenly there was 50+ bats EVERYWHERE. Flying over our heads, landing in front of us. Dominic was screaming and crying. I was screaming , holding his face, and running along with the other people visiting that exhibit. I'm not sure what happened, but the bats were not in their netted off habitat. Once we ran through and got out, I laughed HYSTERICALLY. If  nothing else it makes for a funny story. No matter how terrifying.

- On Sunday my 'little' cousin had a piano concert of sorts. Her piano teacher is this elderly man name Leonard who teaches piano, classic guitar, and voice. My cousin and another kid took turns playing their respective instruments and pieces. They held the little intimate concert at the other kids house (his name is Jack & plays Spanish guitar or something). The house was gorgeous. My entire home could fit inside their kitchen. They had windows from floor to ceiling in the living-room (which also faces the sunset). We had gourmet pizzas and they served the most delicious white wine I've ever had. It's amazing how the other half lives (lol, I may or may not be mildly jealous). All the kids are fluent in other languages, are amazing at music and singing, educated, and have done more traveling in their short 18 years that I'll most likely never be able to afford. It's amazing how accomplished some people become before they are even adults, and then there's me . . . I've literally done nothing and I'm 31 :\ .

- I've introduced Dominic to the world of Ice Pops. I've never bought them before, but I just assumed he would know how to properly eat them (because he's a genius like that). He did not. After I snipped off the top so he could push his flavored ice to the top he proceeded to hold it upside down, slide the thing out, and complain how cold it was. I looked at him aghast and explained that it stays in the plastic. He than tried futilely to put it back into it's small narrow wrapper (poor little tink-tink). It was a hot cold mess.

- Oh, yah, I re-did my layout (again), updated my 'About Me' page and few other things. I didn't mean to change my layout exactly ... I was browsing Etsy, for God only knows what reason and this layout popped up for 5 bucks. Sold. It's minimal & monochrome. My favorite.

Have a good weekend!

The Last Preschool Field Trip

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- I've been slowwwwly getting through Felicity. I remember loving this show as a teenager, but it's been grueling trying to get through it as a 31 year old. I didn't even make it past 5 episodes of Dawson's Creek. I already took 7th Heaven off my Hulu list... I won't even try.

- Dominic had his kindergarten physical. I used my old primary care doctor, he saw Dominic for all of 5 minutes... I can honestly say I miss his old pediatrician, but his insurance changed, thus we had to change providers. His poor sensitive soul was hurt when he had to get 3 shots. He covered his eyes and his bottom lip started to quiver, it broke my little mama heart. He did get 3 stickers and 2 suckers out of it !

- Dominic had his last field-trip with his daycare/preschool. It was 100 degrees with a heat index of 115. ... So imagine 17 kids between the ages of 3 & 5. Despite my Snap Chat making it look like the "best time ever" it was sorta a nightmare and all kids lost their shit by the end of it. All the adults were close to their breaking point as well. It feel so strange that everything is changing again.

One of the other parents asked for my number so our kids could keep in touch (her son is going to kindergarten too). I think we are all taking this kinda hard.

- I have a 50ish year old co-worker who has decided to cling to me. I'm annoyed. I would love to know what it is about me, that people turn into complete bug-a-boos. Not only does this happen with men. This happens all the time with women too (obvi non romantically). I don't know what it is about my personality that makes people want to smother me with their presence. I love folks, but BE CHILL.

- We were told that the remote coding (job) is now on the "back burner" & it'll be pushed back another few months. This was promised over a year ago now. Time to update my resume and cover letters and get my apply on. I went into this line of work, so I could work from home. Less stress, less gas wasted, less spending on childcare. It's all I wanted, why does this seem so unattainable ?

- I've been writing down every negative feeling about certain situations in my life (or have happened). My thought-life is garbage. By now I should be on my own nerves, but it's been weirdly therapeutic. Once it's out- it's out. (I also write down things that make me insanely happy, or make me think). I should write a post where I share some of these things. The good, the bad, & the downright ugly. Because who doesn't love a post where it's nothing but truth and also relate-able ? .... & a girl needs some new content.

- My co worker just informed that Gap is having major clearance deals again. MUST GO SHOPPING (or not... i really shouldn't, but I WANT to) 

Have a good weekend folks! 
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