Monday, July 17, 2017

Maternity Photos

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If you wish to see all of them, view the rest here

Okay, so business is booming! I had 3 photography sessions in one week ! I made over 100 bucks and life is grand. So I know I share these on Facebook and Instagram to an extent so I do apologize for redundancy  (I apologize to Faith mostly ... haha. She's on all my social media). However, I will provide the link like above, that goes to all the photos.

So this is Desiree. She is my work bff. She started maybe a month, before I started 4 years ago. So we become close, because well circumstance, and her cubicle was by mine at the time. She's the one I work out with, the one I eat lunch with, the one who goes with me to Q'Doba every Monday. We close. Oddly enough we've only hung out outside of work when we did photos for her sister, and again when we did her maternity photos.

Desiree is from a small town, so that's where we decided to shoot photos. I don't typically "do" the country, but it was a nice break from my  normal life. It was peaceful. The people were insanely friendly, the dirt roads were horrifying, but the views (especially that sunset!) was  AMAZING. We walked around fields, we wandered in the stream (I was SO SCARED I'd slip or worse that she would!), we took pictures by a lake, flower fields, and more. I had a wonderful time.

Every week from now through August (probably longer if business keeps up) I'll share a few photos, from my various sessions. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Sunburns & Discounts

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This week I Learned . . .
  1. Sometimes in life you witness why some people behave the way you do. Sometimes all the pieces fit together and suddenly make sense. I'm for sure an empath. At times I wish I didn't care as much as I do, but then I guess I wouldn't be me ? This isn't supposed to be a humble-brag-victim-saint comment. I've just always have over-cared. I like to understand people. I also like to please people and make folks happy- sometimes it's a PROBLEM
  2. Always keep a bottle of sunscreen spray in the summer. My back is SO burned from a 3 hour trip to the water park at the zoo. 
  3. I take much better photographs, when I am excited about who and what I am shooting. I've learned in recent times that I loathe event photography. I won't do it anymore. If it's not portraits in a controlled environment, I don't want to do it. I also learned that people who want to network with you will lie, and not pay you... (NO MORE EVENTS!) 
  4. I can't cook bacon... I either under-cook or over-cook. HOW DOES ONE MAKE BACON PROPERLY ?!
  5. Sometimes I'm one of those lucky people who manages to catch a deal on things. I got all of Dominic's uniform for the low prices of $20, thanks to $80 off in rewards. I also found him new tennis shoes for $8 at Target. WOO HOO !
  6. Never tell my mom if you plan to buy furniture. Correction if you're ME... don't tell your mom you plan on buying a piece of furniture. I need a desk. I was going to buy a beautiful brand new one... my mom bombards me with Craigslist links for  heavy wood-oak furniture from the 80s because "it's less than 50 dollars"  *insert side-eye emoji* 
  7. Always be the lady who brings taco dip for food day. It doesn't matter how much you remind me, I will ALWAYS forget.... until the day of. I think I've brought taco dip for the last 4 years... I also think I've managed to whip it up at work half of those time. Why can't I just remember ?!
So I had every intention of writing a weekend recap post all week, but I was busier than normal and it just didn't happen.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

9 Things Learned This Past Week


1. The only way to move on from something is to focus on yourself. When you focus on it/them or the issue at hand it does nothing but make you more miserable. By putting the focus on you, what you want, what you need, your goals, it gives you a sense of control.

2. If you live in the hood (or in my case “hood adjacent”) you will never get a full night's sleep on the 4th of July (note to self… take the day AFTER instead before off- from here on out)

3. Deep cleaning your house gives you a huge amount of satisfaction and help you feel more refreshed.

4. When you’re at an awkward function (random neighbor of my mom's invited Dominic over to his son’s birthday party), if they offer you a drink TAKE IT. You can be coo with anybody when you’re slightly inebriated.

5. The kids can now where polo style shirts instead of Oxford style as their school uniforms next year. This will be WAY LESS annoying.

6. The mama-bear in me is hella real. Dominic told me one of the daycare subs got in his face, snatched his blanket off him, and then threw it back on him, because he wouldn’t lay still. (BITCH WHAT?!) . To say I went from zero- hood is an understatement. I went OFF , hell I about set it off. What’s rational thinking when it comes to your 6-year-old?

7. There’s a reason God say’s worry about nothing (the above point not withstanding that was all REACT REACT REACT). I wasted a 4 day weekend being depressed and upset, and towards the end of the last day everything was alright. I could’ve spent that time having fun and living. I also realize this with my son’s father. I spent a good 5 years hating, resenting, angry, etc… only for us to end up being friends and all is well. That was a lot of negative energy to waste on dumb stuff. I do this A LOT. I am the most anxious person I know. It’s as though I put the whole world on hold until things resolve in the way I THINK should. It’s so stupid, and never worth all the emotional energy I invest in it.

8. I need a new roof. We got tennis ball sized hail last week (yes really). It dented the crap out of everything. Who doesn’t enjoy their insurance rates going up? At least my car was in the garage, a bunch of people had their windows knocked out.

9. Dominic begged me to make him his own Bitmoji. I caved. Bad idea. I also gave him his own Snap Chat (I am only his friend, nobody give me the parental side-eye). Dominic plays games on my old iPhone, that he uses with wi-fi. He has not stopped sending me Bitmoji's of us together, and also calling me via the video chat from the other room, constantly. I may have to disable this. He told me "Mom, now I can check in on you at work". Nope. 

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