Thanksgiving & Other Stuff

- I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. The day before my car just up and died on me. 1300+ dollars later... I was in my feelings. I went from no debt for years on end to almost 10k due to various appliances and other financial setbacks from the year. I stare at the number numbly, and ask myself why some people have it so easy, and how is it that I worked my ass for a degree, and shit like this still happens? 2016 has legit broke me in more ways than one. Maybe not as much as other people, but never the less I've never felt so defeated? Hopeless? I'm not sure what the word is. Which has mostly resulted in me throwing my hands in the air and saying "Fuck It!" because really who cares ?  <--- Glass half empty stuff right here.

- Oh so Thanksgiving day itself. It went how it normally does. My mom and I fuss and argue, and she gets mad /stressed out, than I proceed to ignore her which only makes her more angry. WHAT DO YOU WANT WOMAN ?! We will never ever be able to cook side by side and have it be an enjoyable experience. I've come to terms and she needs to. I love her to pieces, but there are some things we can't do together. Cooking is one of them. She gets bossy and I need my space. I look like her, but I am definitely my fathers child.

After we got over it and finally arrived at my uncle/aunts house... my parents and relatives all shared about their recent ailments. My 18 year old cousin got smothered by Dominic (I'd feel bad, but I needed the break), and I ate my food, sat in the corner watching TV in another room, and drank wine until I was inebriated and text messaged anyone who would answer back.

- A Year in the Life with Gilmore Girls is officially on Netflix. To say I am thrilled about this would be an understatement. I'm sure I'll have it completed in 4 days. Gilmore Girls was my absolute favorite show when I was growing up. Speaking of Netflix the new comedy show "Michael Che Matters" is HILARIOUS. It's crass though. . . so you've been warned.

- I got all my Christmas decorations up. I managed to only snap at Dominic once this year. PROGRESS. Every year I think "oh it'll be fun, we will listen to music, drink hot chocolate and put the tree up". Every year I forget about the music, I don't allow hot chocolate in the livingroom, and it's usually "Let me put the lights on the tree first!" "stop throwing the ornaments!" "Why would you do that?!" "Don't pull those out until I say so" "What did I just say ?!" ... It never occurs to me to just put up most of it while he's asleep, and let him put on like 5 the next day. Anyhoodle, this year went a little bit smoother thankfully.

- We went to the zoo Sunday morning/early afternoon. We haven't gone in a few months. It was cold so there was hardly anyone there. Dominic enjoyed learning the names of every animal, I enjoyed taking far too many photos. During our time there it started storming, but fortunately we had gone through most of it before that happened. It was nice being able to spend the day doing something fun together. 
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