The Heart Wants What It Wants (mine wants everyone or no one?)

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- I kind of dropped the ball this week blogging wise. i know, i know, I KNOW- I'm sorry. I had a busier-than-usual weekend, and it just didn't quite come together how I expected. But I'm here now ...

- I got my flu shot this week. The nurse practically bludgeoned me with the needle. I wouldn't even bother getting one, but my workplace makes us (healthcare) and it's free. Anyway, she stabbed me with a shot, I narrowed my eyebrows and exclaimed OUCH!, she gave a flippant apology, and I spent the rest of the day feeling like my left arm was weighed down by sand. I'll be 100% honest in that if it weren't mandatory, I'd never get a flu shot.

- A girl has been TIRED. I got an email from FedEx saying my package had shipped. What package? Who got a hold of my credit card info? .... nobody. It was stuff I bought, but forgot I bought. WHO forgets they bought stuff online ?! WHO ?! It was a mere 30 hours.

- As stated above I went out this weekend. I actually got my hair to hold a curl for longer than 5 minutes (bendy rollers is where it's at!), dressed up, and picked up my best friend. We did our usual go out for sushi and glass of wine, and than we went to the club afterwards. I think I had our shenanigans posted up on Snap Chat until the club part, because I was 'white girl wasted' (it doesn't take much these days) and in the moment. We all had entirely too much fun for our own good.

- My most recent ex took me out to dinner and bought me white roses this past weekend. Home boy is pulling out all the stops. I find myself ignoring the previous red flags (were they really that bad? I DO tend to overreact) and all in my emotions. After I went off on him a couple weeks ago and expressed how I was feeling, it seems as though he's done a 180. I figure if a guy is willing to do all that he can't be that bad? Or else he's a sociopath?

The only hard part about all this is... I met someone else and we hit off immediately. (the other guy we didn't, but over time we've become ridiculously close). Anyway, that other man wants to wine, dine, and hang out too. There's pros and cons to both situations. I don't want to list them off (I probably shouldn't even put this on my blog) I keep telling myself to keep it casual and DATE folks. Don't promise anyone a relationship and figure this sh!t out ... I JUST DON'T KNOW.

- The weekend is now upon us. I'm hoping for a low-key weekend with fun outings with just my son. I'm also going to pray for peace and clarity... because I feel as though I'm going to majorly hurt people if I don't.  

Bugs, Rodents, & Peeves

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Random pictures taken throughout the week... Are we feeling autumn-y?

- I'm being eaten alive this week !! I'm not sure what is biting me (minus the zillions of mosquitoes at Dominic's soccer game), but my wrists and elbows have been ravaged. It's been an extremely buggy year. I just assumed they'd all be dead by October: no such luck. I'm not sure if I'm just that darn delicious or if they're attracted to my body wash (it's extra fruity smelling). It's also been super rodent-y we came into work Wednesday with everyone in a panic because 4 mice were running around the building (& I work in freakin' healthcare!!) 

- My cold is holding on for dear life. Except now we are at the excessive coughing portion. I'm not sure how many is "too- many" cough drops ingested in an 8 hour workday... but I may need to invest some stock into Halls.

- I think my favorite TV show lately has to be Superstore. It is seriously the cutest and funniest show on television. The guy who plays store manager Glenn completely slays me. Has anyone else watched this show?

- Since the 'breakup' and I use that term loosely, because we still talk every -single -day and hang out (I can't even breakup right)... I suddenly have other people asking me out. What is it about being "boo'ed" up that suddenly everyone else is interested in you, but before they said nothing? Boys are stupid. Is it the chase thing? I don't understand guys & I don't know how to relationship.

- My new biggest pet peeve social media wise... Do not send me a private snap of something you're going to put on your 'My Story'. If it happens on accident fine. I have a couple people on my friends list who are constantly doing this. If I want to comment on your life I will. Sending me a private Snap is for when you don't want to post it publicly. //ends mini-rant. AMIRITE THO?!

- I'm sort of reaching for other things to talk about at this point. . . It was a rather uneventful week. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend <3

Oven Fire

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-  For whatever reason you guys seem to enjoy my weekly rambles. I enjoy them too when I see them on other pages. So for the rest of October you'll see them on Friday's still (this one I wrote last week, but didn't post.. so here you have it on a Wednesday). They'll take a brief hiatus in November (I'll be doing a month of being thankful posts), and than they will resume come December.

- A couple of you inquired about the boy friend. There isn't one anymore. Well I mean the guy exists and we decided to stay friends for now. There's more to it, but we all know how weird I get about sharing relationship details online publicly.

- The weather has been flip-flopping. Thus I have a sinus/head cold. I been drowning myself in tea, because I found it helps with a sore throat. I hate it any other time though. Go figure. My dear son has been having problems with his allergies this season too. Constant eye itching and snot EVERYWHERE.

- I got a raise at work. Nothing too substantial, but I'll take what I can get ;) They also gave us bonuses last month. As weary as I feel some days, I really am appreciative on this job. I've been here for 3+ years now. I've never stayed with any employer that long.

- My air conditioner died in in September. My parents graciously fronted me the money for it. Then a week ago my oven caught on fire. I was standing there and suddenly sparks are everywhere! Than I see a tiny flame. After yelling "OH SHIT" repeatedly I finally calmly turned the knob to "off" and it put itself out. Long story short, I bought a brand new stove. The one I had before was 45 years old... So I guess it was time, however my credit cards are telling me otherwise. STRESSIN.

- I'm obsessed with The Weeknd in general, but the new song Starboy has me super anxious for his new album to drop <3 Anyone else a fan?

- On Saturday my coworker text and asked if Dominic and I would like to join her and her grandson at the pumpkin patch in Nebraska City (about an hour and a half away). I said "sure" piled us into the car and headed down. The boys had a great time running around. I enjoyed the homemade apple doughnuts, pie, and wine ;) 
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