Lately: Summer Edition

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Making : Pictures & what not
Cooking : You know yesterday... I attempted to cook some noodles for a pasta salad. FORGOT I had them on the stove. The noodles absorbed all the water and I burnt the hell out of them. OOPS. 
Drinking : Coffee & Water- always
ReadingWe Are Never Meeting in Real Life- Samantha Irby - It is SO funny. I have literally LOL'd many times over. 
Wanting: A clean house. Look, this child has been home with me all summer and it's been near impossible to keep things cleaned up... and it's not like I can tell him not to play with his toys- lol. 
Looking: Horrible. I legit just rolled out of bed and got to work.
Deciding: If I still want to do event photography, or just give it a firm no. I'm tired y'all.
Wishing:  I'd wake up in shape with little to no effort on my part. ;) 
Enjoying: The summer so far, with swimming, seeing Incredible's 2 with my school mom friends, and hanging out with my favorite folks.
Waiting: For 5pm?
Liking: ALL the wine from Stella Rose. Seriously, every single one they make is delicious.
Wondering: If I should invest in at least one softbox.
Loving: Dominic
Pondering: Nothing
Listening: A$AP Rocky's new album, Jay & Bey's new album, and Kanye & Nas. I love me some Nas- ALWAYS..., Kanye is an idiot , the Jay Z & Beyonce album is whatever - I'm not a huge Beyonce fan, mostly because everything she does sounds the same to me, and I liked maybe two songs on ASAPs new album. I'm getting picky in my old age.
Considering: Trying a new make up. I love my Clinique Even Better foundation, but I'd like a more Matte/flawless foundation when I go out. Any suggestions? I heard Fenty was pretty good?
Buying: No- I've cut myself off.
Watching: I answered this more in depth in the "Marveling" section.
Hoping: That we all make it.
Marveling: BOY AM I (I know this isn't talking about the Comic giant, but bear with me) ! Soo... Eric and I bought the Weeknd's Marvel Comic book. I am a HUGE fan of his. We've also got sucked into Cloak & Dagger, RunAways, Luke Cage & saw Dead Pool 2. Not to mention Dom and I bought Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur 2. We are nerding out in the worst way.
Cringing: Kinda, I started this new anti-depressant to curb my anxiety, and it's making a girl a little headache-y, sleepy, and nauseous. (no, I'm not pregnant)
Needing: Attention. No, I don't know- nothing really.
Smelling: Coffee
Wearing: Clothes
Noticing: That I get way more clients when I post to my normal Facebook page than I did with the business page. I deleted it :)
Knowing: stuff
Trouble-shooting: umm, I need to fix the broken image link on the left side of my page. 
Thinking: This doctor is outrageous for trying to bill a 10 minute session for 30 minutes.
Admiring: Not really. 
Bookmarking: @marksingerman on Instagram - I love me some bold colors, and his are definitely bold.
Feeling: Sleepy, but okay.
Dreaming: You know, I really haven't been. When I was in my teens and 20s - that's seemingly all I did. I don't know if it's an aging thing where you just kind of accept where things are at and go with the flow- or if I'm in a serious funk.
Hearing: Chatter
Celebrating: The 4th next month :) 


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

- It has been stormy the past couple of weeks. June is typically like that though. At least here it is. The house diagonal from us had lightning hit their tree while I was working. It made a horrible sound before the biggest branch EVER fell to the street. They're lucky it didn't hit their house or another car. The branch was so massive it blocked traffic completely, and it was too big to be moved by hand so they had to call the city to come get it out of the street.

- Apart from being stormy it's also been extremely hot and humid. We went to the Art Fair, which normally I love, and I think we stayed all of 20 minutes. Enough to do a couple kids booths for Dominic and grab a lemonade before we were all miserable, defeated, and went home. I didn't even get a chance to snap a single photo.

- Eric had a show a last Friday. It was the most white- trash bar I've ever been to. We were not aware of this ahead of time. I assumed it would be a mixture of folks (black, hispanic, white etc). It was not. LOL 2 of the other performers were black and left immediately. I can't say I blame them. Eric and I hung out longer, because we made friends with the DJ - who played every old school hip hop jam we could think of. The night was going well until a bar fight broke out. One person had a gun (WHY DOES EVERY WEEKEND INCLUDE GUNS OR SHOOTINGS LATELY!). By then I had 8 vodka sprite (yes, your girl was BEYOND lit) - told Eric I was leaving with or without him and bounced. We got back to the house, completely stressed out and inebriated. Got in a huge fight ourselves (verbal) and passed out. The next day we had ignored each other completely- before making up on Sunday. I told him we were done with hard liquor - because it NEVER ends well for us. Not to mention I don't need to drink like that ever - I'm someones mother for f*cks sake. He agreed.

- I had a couple days of a self- loathing and reflection. Things feel out of whack lately- in EVERY area of my life. No, I am not blaming Eric. I've just been overwhelmed and probably need to take a day for myself and get everything cleaned and organized. I also need to make some lists, so I can appropriately deal with my finances and other things I need to do.

When Dominic was in school - it was easier to stay on top of things. Now that he's with me all day long, for most of the week (sans grandma's house or his biological dads) it's harder to get things done, because he takes things out and he's a 7 year old boy who loves to chat at me all day long. (I'm not blaming him either, it's just life, and I just need a day to get everything back in order).

- Aside from Friday's drama and being too hot to deal with the Art Fair we also had a couple great days. On Sunday we went to his mother's house and hung out with his whole family. We do this about every other week. We all had fun chatting and watching movies together. We also had a date night of sorts and decided to order in and just relax.

I think this weekend I am overdue for some girl time and hopefully a little R&R. (and a couple photoshoots!)

Shootings and What Not

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

- I have had 3 opportunities to take my camera somewhere with me and shoot and simply forgot. I am now officially carrying my little mirror-less camera in my purse, because DANG

- Last Saturday, Eric and I went to Taste of Omaha and met up with a couple of his friends. It's basically where a bunch of restaurants and vendors around Omaha set up a tent and over charge food. They had a fair, and live blues-y music. It should have been fun. It was not. It was suffocating-ly packed. It was suffocating-ly packed by teenagers- who did nothing but stand around mean muggin each other and starting fights. WHY ARE YOU EVEN THERE ?! After Taste of Omaha was done for the night there was a gang-related shooting where 8 underage people got shot and one 20 year old girl was killed. It was a bad night.  Eric and I were counting our blessings that we took an Uber home and that whole fucker-y took place a mere 10 minutes after we left. I am very sorry for the girl who got killed and innocent by-standards who were shot.

Other stuff that happened this weekend:

- I hung out with my best friend. We got pedicures and burritos from Q'Doba. It was the best.

- Dominic and I went to the park. I was exhausted on Sunday. Eric went to his mom's house for the day and I picked up Dominic. I needed a chill day after the commotion on Saturday. Eric's mother invited us over for dinner, but I passed this weekend. I didn't have it in me. I just needed to be with my son and do lowkey stuff.

- I fixed Dominic's iPhone. Before you throw stones at me, about letting my 7 year old have a phone- let alone an iPhone. He uses it on the wifi like a tablet. It's not serviced. He plays games on it, because I'm too cheap to buy him an actual tablet. Also, it was my previous phone, before I had upgraded. 

- Dominic got a hair cut. I wanted to grow it long for the the summer, but he was not about that life, and kept complaining how hot his head gets outside. FINE! May we never know how adorable you'd look with braids.

- We went to the library. I been adamant about keeping Dominic up on his reading and comprehension skills this summer.

- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt came out with the first half of their 4th season. They said this will be the last which has me totally bummed, but I suppose it was time.

That's basically it- I'm not clear what else happened.

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