Week 47 - Thankful

Friday, November 23, 2018

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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Here are some photos from ours. I LOATHE the yellow lighting that comes from the lightbulbs in the house, but we will do. I even let my dad take a couple photos of me with Dominic. I'm pregnant and huge and EXHAUSTED - but I need to get in the picture more often. Anyway, I will stop being insecure... LOL Thanksgiving was pretty low key this year. It was just my parents, my son, and myself. My mom made quite a bit of food, we laid around, and played board games. Later in the evening I met up with Eric, we walked downtown, then went to his sisters house for a little bit. We were all exhausted and stuffed. Just how one should be on Thanksgiving.

I decided to make a Thankful list of 12 things I am most grateful for this year. While I'm sure I could write hundreds of things, my pregnancy-brain is going to focus on what stands out the most. 

I am thankful for...

1. God/Jesus - because without Him/Them I am nothing. It hasn't been a horrible year, but it hasn't been like great either, but either way He keeps me. He lovingly tells me things will be okay when I feel my anxiety and stress take over. I feel Him guiding me, when I don't know what to do. He also tells me when to pause, when to respond, and how to respond to life situations.

2. Dominic- This kid is my heart and my soul. I say it all the time, but he is such an amazing spirit. He is KIND, he is LOVING, he is PROTECTIVE, and I love being his mother. Sure he can catch an attitude at times, get upset if I make him deep clean his bedroom, and have other age- appropriate emotions, but overall he makes me so unbelievably proud.

3. Baby J- You dear sweet boy... we had a rocky beginning, but you are growing in leaps and bounds inside me right now- and have a very strong heart beat. I know you will be a strong young man one day too. We haven't met outside the womb yet, but I want you to know how much I love you, and how blessed I feel that God entrusted me with another little boy to take care of. Your big brother is so excited to meet you, so is your father, and all your grandparents, aunts, and cousins. You're not even on the outside yet, and you're already spoiled rotten. We are all so excited to meet you - all I can think about is holding you in my arms and smothering your cheeks with all the kisses.  

4. My father -Y'all he unclogged the BIGGEST and GROSSEST hairball from my shower drains this past week. I am officially sending the Pope in Rome a letter of recommendation to upgrade this man to saint-hood (we ain't even Catholic). My dad is ALWAYS there for me. He always tries to help me anyway he can, and while not the most emotional man, I know he loves me dearly.

5. My mother- The older I get the more I love her (I've always loved her), but if you are lucky enough to have an amazing mother, cherish her. I wish I was as pragmatic, intuitive, frugal, and patient as she is. (I am basically her opposite, but I look JUST like her). Even at 33 years old with two kids she still tries to "parent" me at times. It used to frustrate me to a certain degree (still does at times <3 ), but I realize just how lucky I am to still have that. It challenges me to be a better person and make better or wiser decisions. She is full of wisdom and logic, and I adore her. Aside from my children, I have a very strong will to protect her, and always have.

6. Bankruptcy - You wouldn't think this would be a thing to be grateful for, but I am. It gives me a chance to start over. Sure getting a loan will be harder and I can't buy a new house for a couple years, but I was NEVER good with money, and now this will give me a chance to learn and grow. Plus there was NO WAY I was going to be able to pay off what I owed, just short of winning a bunch of money.

7. Money for selling camera equipment- first of all- I'm mad I had so much of it. My biggest suggestion to anyone wanting to do photography as a business. Buy/Finance the camera you want in the first place, and buy a stellar lens to go with it. Otherwise you will end up with a bunch of stuff you don't really want. I sold off everything I didn't use and got a grand for it. Which was excellent timing, because I needed the money to pay off a couple things, catch up on a couple bills, and buy Dominic his Christmas gifts.

8. Teaching my son how to swim & float -I'm not completely useless in the athletic department ! This past summer I taught the kid how to float on his back, and also showed him how to swim. I pretty much took him to the deep end of the pool- where he couldn't reach and told him to keep moving until he reached the other side of the pool. He was scared, but he did it! (I was within reach in case he did sink... I'm not a monster, lol). This winter I hope to put him in actual classes to sharpen his skills even more.

9. Working from home - It's nice to save money on childcare and gasoline. It's nice not to have to deal with traffic to get somewhere, but what's been even more awesome is the fact I BARELY get colds or sinus infections anymore. I got them OFTEN and consistently when I worked in the office all week.

10. Connecting - I've made a lot of great friends doing photography these past 2 years. I am a people-person. I've always made friends easily, I love people, and for the most part they love me back. Relationships have always meant more to me than anything. I've also met a lot of creative people who inspire me and who I wouldn't have otherwise known.

11. Coworkers and friends (on and offline) - Seriously, you all are the best. I ADORE my people. They all vary in age groups, race, and genders, but you all mark my heart burst with love and happiness. Caring for others seems like a dying trait these days, and I feel lucky and fortunate to have friends who do, as I do for them.

12. My OBGYN - Weird I know, but he wasn't who I had picked out initially. I was hell- bent on having a woman, who was educated and serious. She was gone the day I was scheduled to see her and in walked in a middle Eastern man who was not only handsome, but a total goofball. Eric & I adored him immediately. I don't care what nationality he is, I don't care what religion he is, he has such an amazing light and kindness to him, that I knew I didn't want anyone else to take care of me while being pregnant.

Week 45- Dominic is 8 !

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I say this every-single-years, but what the HECK ?! How are you 8 already? I'm sure to you it feels like forever - but to parents it's like you blink once and your child is already a big kid. Seven came with changes for you ... I have a feeling that 8 will probably rock your world for a little while after your baby brother is born. The first month or two is always toughest with new little ones, but you're a tough and amazing kid, and I think you will be a wonderful big brother and mentor. Just remember, God gave us your brother, because we need him, and he needs us - we belong to him & him to us. God gave me you, 8 years ago, for the same exact reason. 

You made me promise that I won't make you change any diapers... I solemnly swear :)

Birthday party: Dominic had a very fun (& expensive!) birthday party this year. We went to Pump It Up (basically it's a big ware house full of bounce houses). They do ALL the work for you, minus the birthday cake. As far as ease goes, it was perfect. All the kids had a great time together.

School: You wear glasses now- well you do at school anyway. You're near sighted. I got an email from your teacher at the beginning of the year explaining that you kept needing to be moved up to the front of the class, because you couldn't see the board. I'm thinking we need to get you two pairs though, because you either forget them at school or you forget them at home.

You are doing AMAZING in math. You're above average. You are also doing well in reading & phonics. Art still isn't your jam, but you've taken a liking to religion and social studies. I'm not sure if/when you're doing science this year, but I bet you'll love that as well.

Personality: You're still a sweet kid. You're all about standing up to bully's who are picking on other kids. Apparently, someone had let the teacher know you do this and she raved about you during conferences. I think it only backfired for you once: You told a bully to stop pushing, and in turn they pushed you, and you pushed them back, and all of you got "talked to". You felt completely hurt (emotionally), but I was still proud of you, you stood up for what is right. You're a people pleaser, always have been - you get this from me, I'm sorry (it'll work in your favor and against you simultaneously- it's good to be an empathic and compassionate person though)  I've told you for a long time that if someone hurts you and won't stop, you have every right to defend yourself, and let me deal with the consequences from the school or other parent (mommy gives no F's!). You are starting to do that now, it's called self respect and it's a good thing.

Interests: Pokemon and Minecraft. Seriously, it's all you like right now. You play with toys a little bit, but not as much as you used to. It's all about the electronics. You love plushies (stuffed animals)- they go into battle with one another often ;), you also like Legos, but your interest in them are waning, and you have 5 billion Pokemon cards.You love video games, which for me is a double edged sword. You're amazing at figuring things out- but you also spend too much time on it (of course that's more my issue, but I'm pregnant and exhausted, so I just allow it for the time being). You also enjoy reading, especially comics!

You are not a big fan of team sports. We've been doing basketball the past couple weeks, and your self- esteem was momentarily shot. Sports doesn't come natural, and you don't particularly enjoy it. However, this bums you out, because a lot of your friends are. Your dad agreed to shoot hoops with you. I tried to express to you that we all have strengths, but sometimes other areas that don't come easy to us, we have to put in more practice and effort.

You are an amazing child, and I still thank God consistently that I get to be your mom. You are a blessing through and through. I love you dearly sweet boy. 

Week 44 - Baby J !

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

I totally want to write more, do more, BE more... I'm being dramatic, but I do want to get back to updating once a week. Why? because, Faith. Her debating whether or not to kill her blog and seeing everyone's comments on WHY they started in the first place puts things into perspective. When Dominic was a tiny guy- I would write to remember our lives back then and record his milestones. I would like to have that for my newest little boy too (yes, I'm having another SON!). I won't update 3+ times a week- like I did 7-6 years ago, because I don't have the time (& more importantly I don't want to), but a weekly post is good.


I found out about 2 weeks ago. The day was a total shit show. Eric had an interview. He had got on the wrong bus to go to his interview so he was LATE. The gentleman told him to come in anyway, so he did, but than he made Eric wait for over an hour. He finally called him in to interview - I had gotten off work early, and waited for a good 30 minutes- the interview was being dragged out. He still wasn't done, I eventually just had to go to the doctors by myself. Eric called me 15 minutes after I get there, hoping that I was able to put off the appointment, but I couldn't, they were completely booked the rest of the day. We were both completely and totally sad that he couldn't be there. I had asked the ultrasound tech to put what the gender was in the envelope so we could find out together at the same time. 

I watched my little one on the screen. At 20 weeks they all look like tiny skeletons. It's creepy, cool, and moving. I wasn't bawling, but I had tears in my ears. I could see him waving his little arms around and kicking his legs. When he was kicking his legs on the screen, I could feel it simultaneously in my tummy. When it was over I had called Eric, and he sounded completely despondent- I told him I still didn't know the gender, because I wanted to find out WITH him. He was wandering around a Walmart, because it was by the hospital he had interviewed with, and was starving. I picked him up, and he wanted to find out immediately, but I told him there was no way I wanted to found out what our baby was in a Walmart parking lot. lol. So we drove to a park. 

Since Eric wasn't able to make it to the ultrasound, I let him open the envelope. It was a boy! Eric sobbed and sobbed and SOBBED. He really wanted a boy so he was over the moon. (I didn't care either way about the gender- but kept dreaming about a boy- so I wasn't like "shocked"). We told our close family and friends- his side of the family was totally bummed it wasn't a girl, but they've come around ;). My mom was excited for another little boy (Dominic after all is her favorite person).   

I feel the baby kick all the time! Recently I've been able to feel him on the outside of my tummy, which has been pretty cool. 

How have Eric and I been getting along? We've been horrible, good, fine, great, and everything in between. We're the hot mess we've always been. That's all I'll say about that for now. We both love our son, and one another, we're trying. 

Dominic's reaction to the news about having a little brother... he looked un-phased and dryly says "...but I wanted a sister" LOL. In his defense he has a 6 year old brother on his dad's side who drives him completely nuts (he loves him dearly all at the same time). But since then he's been VERY excited and telling everyone he knows. 

What's his name? We have a name that we are fairly set on, and it's what we call him, however, we still wanted to leave it open to change, if we hear something we feel fits better. So I'll announce it after he's born. 

I have all the big things I needed. All I really need now are the smaller items such as diapers, pacifiers, bottles, burp cloths, etc... My baby (and Eric's) last name is "Jett" - so I bought the baby an airplane theme baby bedding for his crib. It's from Pottery Barn, and it was used, but the mom I bought it from kept it in AMAZING shape (even the fitted sheet!). I was like "Did you even use this thing?!" She said it was mostly used for decoration. I had looked high and low online for airplane themed crib bedding and could barely find anything! 

How am I feeling? Tired. LOL, but for the most part I'm okay. I don't throw up as much as I was, but it still happens occasionally, mostly when I eat anything acidic like pizza (the sauce), spaghetti, chili, or anything too sugary. Things I've been loving to consume, chicken, cereal, black chai tea, lattes (not often though, because caffeine makes my heart pound out of my chest), milk, and noodles. 

Anyway, this post is extremely long so I will wrap this up. I was going to write about Dominic in depth, but I think I will hold off until next week. He turns 8 on November 9th! Can you believe he's that old already? It'll be a perfect time to gush about my oldest boy. 

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