Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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Welcome to the world son.

Samuel was born on February 22nd at 3:47am. He weighed 7lbs 9oz.

The day was a bit random. I wouldn't have even gone to the hospital except for the fact that I had slipped and fallen on some ice in the driveway. It sounds way more traumatic than it was. I fell on my knee and my hands- NOT my stomach. As big as I was, it took me forever to get back on my feet and go back inside the house. The baby was still kicking and I was fine, but I called my doctor anyway. They informed I should go to the ER just to make sure everything was fine.

I went to the ER and immediately they sent me to labor and delivery, because the ER was PACKED. They hooked me up to the fetal heart monitor and I laid around. Baby was fine. My blood pressure however was not. It was high. They decided to run various blood tests and pee test to see how much protein was in my urine. The protein was slightly elevated. The nurses then checked to see how far I was dilated. 4cm! How on earth I was almost halfway dilated and hadn't felt one contraction is beyond me. They decided to induce.

I got a hold of Eric and came straight to the hospital from work. They started the Pitocin and eventually contractions started. Instead of torturing myself, I got my epidural early on from a very strange anesthesiologist. After a little bit I felt a weird POP sensation in my stomach and my water broke everywhere. Another hour went by and I'm laying there, feeling pressure from contractions, but limited pain. All of a sudden I feel a very STRONG urge to push and pressure. I told Eric to go get the nurses. They piled in, sure enough I was fully dilated and it was go time. 10 minutes into pushing and my little guy was here. Eric and I were both pretty emotional. He snapped a million photos with his cell phone (I won't share those- I look like hell, but Im glad to have them for my own sake). I spent about 30 minutes doing skin to skin cuddling with the baby, and then Eric did the same.

The next day we had a bunch of guests from family and friends, a few people I forgot to photograph (BLAME THE DRUGS). The hospital has queen sized beds in their recovery rooms, so Eric was allowed to stay with me. Nurses came in to bug check on me around the clock. The second night in the hospital, came the WORST blizzard we have seen here in Omaha, for decades. It was a complete white out, strong winds, ice, and on top of ice snow. The roads were treacherous getting home the next day (and for several days after). I completely lost it in the car, just the sheer stress of driving home with my brand new baby on horrible roads, and an obscene amount of snow that had fallen. We made it though.

Anyway, there is my super-exciting birth story ;) . I mostly wrote it for my own memory, so I can put it in my baby book at a later date and time and remember.

So how has life been the last 19 days ? I am TIRED. I forgot just how grueling the first month of taking care of a new born is at times. If I had Kardashian money, I would totally hire a nanny to take care of the night time responsibilities so we could all get more sleep ;). Eric is doing well, he's attached to the little guy. We got in one MAJOR fight, and a couple minor ones. But overall he's pretty darn helpful with the little one, and he loves him to pieces. We finally were able to visit his dad last weekend, so he could meet the little guy (last photo). We spend a lot of time with both grandmas. Dominic is doing as expected. He's fascinated with the little one, but I can tell it takes a toll on him emotionally as well. I'm no longer just his anymore, and he's doing the best he can considering. He tells Samuel all the time that he loves him, and he likes to touch his hands a lot. I remind myself quite a bit that this was the hardest time when Dominic was a baby too, and we got through it!

Valentines Day

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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Sorry about the bag of garbage in the background- I was deep cleaning that day LOL! Dom got a new bedspread, fossil dino pillow, and a Nintendo Switch game for Valentines Day (I HAVE ZERO CHILL- MUST SPOIL ROTTEN) 

I completely and totally stole this list idea from Faith

Things I currently LOVE... 

  1. The kids, the guy, my family, his family, and my friends. 
  2. Coffee- The first few months of being pregnant I couldn't stand the smell, let alone the taste, but as I neared my second trimester I was ALL about it again. Of course I've been sipping half-caff latte's (loaded with sugary stuff), but it's nice to just sip and enjoy again. 
  3. Keeping my house clean! Granted there are times when the clutter gets a little overboard, but for the most part I am keeping up with it these days and LOVING how it makes me feel. Whomever thinks your environment doesn't effect your mood is delusional!
  4. Warm weather with friends or family, listening to music on the porch, chomping on grilled meats and sipping some delicious white or red wine. (COME ON SPRING!)
  5. Viewing sunrises/sunsets. Nothing makes me feel more peaceful or closer to God than marveling at how beautiful the start of day or the end of day can be. 
  6. Trying new recipes (stealing this one from Faith). Now that I have another adult living in the house, I'm constantly looking for new meals to try- before it felt pointless or wasteful, because I'd have the food around for days on end. 
  7. Atlanta - I am OBSESSED! It has been a really long time since I watched something so GOOD, clever, funny and well acted. I'm sad that there won't be a new season this year, due to ALL the actors having other moving and career opportunities, but whenever they do a third season I will be tuned in. I keep rewatching the series on Hulu over and over again- I can't get sick of it. 
  8. Manicures/Pedicures. Back rubs and massages. Perhaps its the pregnancy or the sheer constant exhaustion, but a girl is loving being pampered these days.
  9. Chill vibes, bluesy-R&B songs.
  10.  Soft blankets, quilts, and comforters. I seriously have an excessive amount of bedding. 

Baby Shower

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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Images taken by Eric Guerrero Photography

So Sunday the 10th was my baby shower. I had the worst cold ever (still do), and candid portraits of myself are NOT my friend (so you won't see any of those in this post LOL). Eric's mother, sister and my good friend Shanee put it on for me. It was at a local pizza place in their party room. The pizza place double booked the room, so we had to skip all the games, so it was pretty much just chatting, pizza, cake, and presents. I got most of the things I needed aside from a couple of items, which I'll purchase with my gift cards. It was a nice time, and I'm glad my mother, friends, co workers, and some of Eric's family could come. 

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