Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Introspective Stuff

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Sometimes I go location scouting for future photograph locations. This post really has nothing to do with this, but heyyyy random pretty pictures I took. Mostly, I want to reflect on what's going on lately. Often times I just write about what I'm doing, not necessarily all that introspective stuff...

Relationships & Friendships: Everything is steaming along. By now I'm sure you realize me & the boyfriend do not have the most stable relationship. I could put all the blame on him, but it's me too. So why do we bother? because we care about each other & if we go a few days without talking neither of us can stand it. Either it'll work or it won't. I'm not going to stress it anymore.

My friendships are good. Although we talk much less than we were. My child's dad and I are still on good terms. My best friend Christina & I have been making more of an effort to see each other and hang out, because our stress levels go way down when we do. Every woman should have a best friend, I firmly believe that. My other friend are good as well.

My family... honestly I feel like I could come up higher in this area. I feel like I don't talk to them as much lately. I've been busy and so have they. I guess with my folks watching Dominic two times a week coming up this summer that'll change.

How I've Been Feeling: Good actually. Some days are better than others, but isn't that just life? The weather has been great which always lifts my spirits. I've also made more of an effort to eat a little better and move more (always a mood booster!). I've also been diligently working on not being anxious/worrying about things completely out of my control. <-- I'm usually really bad about this, I ruminate about EVERYTHING.  What else... work is work, after you've been somewhere for years, it always seems the same, they're still "working on" remote coding *rolls eyes*.

Spiritual: This is about as up and down as my emotions, although it always has been. I always pray for Dominic. Myself? not so much, but sometimes. I pray for other people when something is plaguing them. I don't mean to be so wishy-washy, I think it's a combination of being busy and sheer exhaustion at times. Being a single mom of a little kid, trying to maintain relationships with others, going to work, and doing a side hustle can take a lot out of a person. I'm trying.

Home Front: No real news here. My gardens are blooming and we recently had an ant problem. I sprayed inside the house and outside the house. There seems to be much less. The weird thing is, they weren't getting into my food, they were just sorta chillin.

Creative: My photography hustle has been booming! I had a few people book sessions with me. Everyone keeps telling me I am too cheap, but I want people to WANT to have their photos done, so I have a large variety of things to show and offer. I will probably stay cheap through the holiday season and raise prices next year. 

Monday, May 22, 2017


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Umm... I swear I will post less photographs. Maybe 5 or 6 images instead of 10+...


- It has been the rainiest Spring ever. Last week alone it stormed more than not. The week itself was riddled with thunderstorms, high winds, and hail.

- Saturday morning was no exception, it was raining cats & dogs off and on through much of the morning time. When the lightning and subsided and only the rained remained, I decided "hey lets go to the Farmers Market". Weird, right? Here's the thing, the Farmers Market always has anxiety inducing crowds. I assumed hardly anyone would be there if I went on a rainy morning. I was right! Despite it being wet and chilly, Dominic and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I picked up some enchiladas (my MAIN reason for going... their authentic and freeze-able and the best things ever!), a fresh loaf of sourdough bread, and a small adorable arrangement of wild flowers. Dominic got a balloon shaped into an alligator. We were going to grab breakfast and coffee while we were downtown, but it started pouring after an hour, so we high-tailed it back to the car and I made breakfast at home.

- In the afternoon we went to a birthday party for my best friends daughter. That giant toddler just turned 3 years old! (she wears a 5T). We've recently become buddies ;) she's becoming less shy and terrified of other adults (sorta...) . Our sons ran around together and played. The grownups mostly sat around and chatted among ourselves. It was a typical toddler party :) However, she got SO many clothes... she will for sure be the best-dressed girl in daycare.

- After the birthday party my friends son & daughter went with their dad for the weekend, and Christina tagged along with me. I dropped Dominic off at his Nana's house for the evening & then we went to the mall. We both had date night with our respective boo's so we were looking for something new to wear. She found this gorgeous slinky tank top, and I found a sweater on clearance (LOL!) . I also had to pick up some new athletic shoes and a pair of sunglasses.

- After I dropped Christina off back home, I had a couple hours to kill. I beach-waved my hair, did my make up, and watched Chewing Gum on Netflix. I met boyfriend at work and we went to a restaurant called Jams. When we walked in there were chandeliers everywhere, and everything looked upscale. Fortunately, the menu prices didn't reflect the ambiance. He got steak tacos, I got fish... then we decided to share cheesecake for dessert. None of our food was all that good, and we had major stomach aches for the rest of the night. We couldn't really figure out what else to go do , so we just hung out at the house and binged Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.


- Boyfriend had to go to work at noon on Sunday. I had an hour to kill before picking up Dominic so I sat in a coffee shop. I brought my iPad and caught up on my blog reading and scrolled through Flickr for inspiration. It was nice to have an hour to myself to do that. Usually, Dominic is with me when I go and unless he has a fully charged iPhone (he plays on my old one) and wifi it's usually anything but relaxing.

- Dominic had his last soccer game of the season. He scored a few goals, got some pizza, and a trophy that he was BEYOND excited to have. He promptly forgot about it the second we got home, but I'm glad he was thrilled with the idea for 15 minutes.

- We had ANOTHER birthday party to go too. By this time Dominic and I were both over-tired and sick of having a non-stop weekend with zero down time. I had already RSVP'd with the mother and Dominic's classmate was already expecting us, so we went anyway. They had the party at a gymnasium. The kids had a ball! 12 of the 15 kids in Dominic's class showed up.

- While Dominic was at the birthday party his front tooth popped out! His other front tooth is barely hanging on (I wouldn't be surprised if he loses that one in a day or two). Poor kid always loses his teeth at the most inconvenient times. I had to interrupt his bounce-house time to go rinse out his mouth. I did the whole tooth fairy thing and when he got up Monday morning he looked at me and said "Why do I only get a dollar every time", and I snatched it from him and said fine, give it to me, and than he panicked and wanted it back. (we are working on being thankful/grateful lately). 

- Sunday night I sent him to bed early. I laid down early as well. Just as I was about to drift off to bed, I heard gunfire (we live hood-adjacent... so it happens occasionally). I could tell it was only a block or so away. I scooped up my little boy out of my bed, and put him in his bedroom, and I fell asleep in there too. His bedroom is way in the back of the house, where as mine is in the front, so I felt it would be the safest room for him to rest. It was definitely a dramatic end to a non-stop weekend.  

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Howlin Hounds

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So previously I discussed that I went to a place called Howlin' Hounds coffee. When I first walked in I was confused. I saw 3 bikers. I never took bikers as coffee drinkers outside of Folgers in a Styrofoam cup, because .. I'm an asshole? There we're a couple of the eccentric artist type people in there and your handful of hipsters. It was a dope place honestly. The owner (pictured) was easily the nicest person I've ever met. While I was there ... one of the biker dad's had a son a year younger than Dominic. The two buddied up and made all sorts of racket. His dad asked if I would take a couple pictures of his kid to give to the boy's mother for Mother's Day. I obliged. It was easily one of my favorite mornings of this entire year. Nobody really knew each other, but everybody was happy to talk and hang out with one another. It felt like one of those rare moments in life... but my heart felt full.

As far as all the Harley Davidson riders go ... the owner told me that the coffee shop used to be his dad's bar while he was growing up and that he decided to turn it into a coffee spot. A lot of the customers used to go there when it was a bar, and decided to keep going there for their morning cup of coffee. How cool! 

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