WARM the F UP!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I haven't photographed much the last couple weeks- these were test shots of Eric & Dom from when I did the group photo-shoot and needed to get my settings right. 

Yup another human bitching about the weather:
- It was 70 degrees twice last week. It rained, snowed, and iced all last weekend. It was 60 degrees two days this week so far. It rain and flurried all morning. Nothing is blooming, nothing is green. It has me a little down in the dumps tbh. This winter/spring has felt insufferable- it has been long, it has been COLD. I know it's affecting my moods- though I try not to let it (that also might be the PMS). I think everyone is trying not to take the weather 'personally' it just IS, but we're all moody and longing for warmth.

- Since we've been trapped in the house more often than not I've stayed on top of cleaning. The nice part about working from home is that I actually get stuff done now. I guess I could've before, but when you have a little kid who's in school all week you typically want to spend your free time doing just about anything else.... although he's going to have to learn how to clean one of these days. He does a good job on his bedroom.

- I was on the hunt for the perfect console table that could also be used as a desk the past couple weeks for my upstairs. Either I hated everything I saw or what I did like was so cheaply made I couldn't justify the cost of it. My mom always looking for an excuse to go to the consignment furniture store found the perfect table for me. Price wise, height wise, quality wise, and looks. I'm so pleased with it. Now I have to go on a big hunt for the perfect chair. I want to ditch that raggedy recliner I've had and get something cutesy that I can use at the desk, but just also as a nice living room chair. Preferably in navy blue.

- On Friday, Eric randomly popped up at my house after work. I don't know if the motives were correct- he knew I was going to visit with O'Neal (baby daddy) since we hadn't seen him since his car accident- but showed up anyway and said "thought I'd surprise you" ... well color- me surprised. I wasn't sure if I was happy about it or not. I usually don't like it when anyone randomly pops up, but whatever -he treated us to dinner, and we hung out for a little bit, before he went out with his boys for the night (I didn't want to go).

- So I saw O'Neal Saturday afternoon instead. His friend dropped him off along with Dominic's little brother and his brothers other sister (the other baby mamas kids). Confusing. The boys played, the girl watched endless YouTube videos on my lap top, and I chatted with Neal. He was happy that the insurance totaled his car and he's able to get a new one soon. It was nice visiting.

- Saturday night Eric, Dom, and I went to the movies. It was cold, windy, and snowy - so there was literally nothing else to do. By that point the snow wasn't sticking- except in the grass. We saw the movie Rampage. It was far too intense for Dominic (I didn't know yall! He's seen other PG 13 movies and have been fine) , but it was still kind of good- and had some amusing parts. The movie theater is a 'cine- and dine' - so we ordered some food. It was awful. After we got home Eric and I both ran outside and barfed. Dom was uneffected some how.

- Sunday we woke up to a bunch of snow on the ground. I was FURIOUS. Around noon the roads at least were clear for driving, and we grabbed lunch and hit the grocery store. Dom realizing that Eric and I weren't doing anything remotely fun on Sunday asked to go to his dad's house so he could play with his brother (fine... I took him). I whipped up some crock-pot french dips and made a cake. We laid around ALL DANG DAY watching ridiculous comedy movies.

How was your weekend? 


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

1 2 3 4

Um so I'm LOVING my 35mm - so other than the photo of Eric rapping, everything else was shot on it. I love how crisp it is. The bad part about owning an L lens is that you never want to go back to what you were using before!

So a random group of photos. This WAS basically my week/weekend. I had 2 photo shoots, every time Eric performs a show I take photos (it gives me something to do & him dope promo pix), and a random Dom photo, because that's how I roll.

So my boyfriend is a rapper (... I know... but in my defense he has a good job and treats us well.). He was asked to perform at a show in a town about an hour away. I was all "omg mini-vacay" and went with. We stayed in a small town where they had a main street and than another street dedicated to every fast food joint imaginable and a Walmart. Basically Eric stood out.  Anyway, the Friday we drove down there it was snowing like crazy, thankfully it wasn't sticking to the ground, but visibility was low and I was driving like a tortoise and everyone else was going entirely too fast- or the speed limit, whatever. We got to the hotel and got ready and than drove to ANOTHER town that was somehow even smaller than the one we were staying at. We show up. Eric knows everybody and everybody knows him. I'm confused because it's white rappers.... white rappers everywhere... I don't know what else I expected- lol. I hate white rappers I don't even like Eminem - I full-on drink the hater-ade  when it comes to Caucasians rapping outside of their personal vehicle. Instantly I lost all interest, but I was dressed to impress, kept my mouth shut, helped Eric with his face paint (don't ask-it's his gimmick), took a bunch of photos of him, and made friends with the one other black guy there minus Eric for the rest of the night. It's not that I don't have white friends, but these people were on another level  and I'm a judgmental asshole. Plus they freely use the word "nigga" which Eric tolerated- because he's 'cool with them' , and had me wanting to fight everyone for my sons sake. The night wasn't my cup of tea- I didn't complain outside this blog post- but I probably won't ever voluntarily go again.

The rest of the weekend we mostly relaxed. Lots of dinners out. Lots of naps. We hung out with his family a little bit and his mom treated us to dinner one night. I got a message on Sunday from my baby-daddy (his name is o'Neal). He told me that he had got in a bad accident and flipped his car on the interstate with his other son (Dom's 5 year old brother) in the car. Fortunately, and thanks be to God they were both okay. & I was relieved I had Dominic with me that day. While there was a time we hated each other the past couple years we've become really close friends and I would hate for anything to happen to him or Dom's little brother.

I did two photo shoots. One of a non-profit musicians group (the 5 people standing in a row) and one of a family mom, dad, and baby. The baby was darling. He reminded me of a chunky Dominic when he was 1 years old. I also sold my old Canon Rebel T6i this weekend. For awhile I was keeping it as a back up, but lets be serious- if I need a new camera I'd just charge another full-framer.

I hope you all had a good weekend. 

Easter Weekend

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter weekend. I know I definitely did.

Friday evening we had our traditional Good Friday dinner at my aunts house. It was the same as every year, except my mom didn't go, because she wasn't feeling well. Eric came which was nice, he's getting more comfortable being around my family. We had the traditional meal, wines, dessert, and strong coffee (my body had no clue if it was alert or exhausted). My aunt always makes Dominic an Easter Basket and hides eggs for him. It was just a really nice evening.

Saturday I photographed a women's brunch conference- a young lady named Tasha reached out to me in February and asked if I would. The brunch was mostly geared towards black women, but I took a lot away from it. They had 4 speakers from my city. They talked about their own personal struggles and how they overcame them. Some came from tough backgrounds, others made poor decisions (who hasn't?), depression, one gal overcame sickness, and a couple dealt with loss of loved ones. While the overall struggle is harder for minorities- at the core of the matter we all go through similar struggles. We all love and need one another. The venue was beautiful, food was delicious, everyone was dressed up, and it was a lot of fun.

I had rented a 24-70mm lens, because I was NOT about to deal with switching out my primes. My hands HURT by the end of it. I even had a blister on my thumb from turning the zoom. The only thing I wish I had done different was brought my flash! UGH! My camera already weighed a thousand pounds.

The rest of Saturday was spent getting Dom an Easter gift, having lunch with my best friend at Red Lobster, dying eggs with Dominic, and spending time with Eric. His mother asked us if we would join her for church on Sunday, she was going to be performing a dance. We obliged. I ran Dominic to Target to get him an Easter outfit. Usually I am on the ball when it comes to holiday clothes, but since we don't typically go to church Easter Sunday I didn't bother this year. The worst part is I forgot to take a photo of him wearing it! All good- I'm sure I'll stick him in it for Mother's Day as well.

Sunday we all managed to take showers in less than an hour before heading off to church. We met his mother and niece (who's our age) there and filed into the pews. The church is a 70s throwback, and has a congregation of maybe 20 people, but since it was Easter Sunday it was actually filled. The church Eric and I attend regularly-ish is much larger, but this felt more intimate and nice. I looked over across the row and saw Tasha! (the girl who I did the women's conference for) I could hardly believe it - she doesn't regularly attend service- in fact she's in the military and is stationed throughout the world, but her uncle actually attends there. The service was great, they once again talked about overcoming personal struggles in our lives (seems to be the common theme this weekend) and Eric's mom did a wonderful dance.

Eric and I decided to treat his mother, niece, Dominic, and ourselves to China Buffet. Which is exactly what it sounds like... a buffet that serves Chinese food. By this time Dominic was sick to death of adults and asked me 3-4 times if he could go to his dad's house - I'm assuming to take over his dads Playstation and to play with his little brother. So I dropped him off. The rest of Easter, Eric and I napped, watched TV and I edited photos. It was seriously the BEST. 

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