Lately: Autumn Edition

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Old pictures of Dominic- once upon an autumn day. I think he was 3 ? 

Where did you go? I DON'T KNOW. I'm pregnant, my moods are erratic, I barely take photos these days, minus client work, and a girl is exhausted. I don't want to close my page, but I don't feel like updating lately either... I will just leave it be and if I get a wild hair to keep it going I will, and in the meantime I'm all over social media.

Making : Hmm, I haven't cooked anything fancy-pants in awhile nor have I done anything crafty. So I guess I'm just making the baby? LOL
Cooking : Basic stuff, eggs n toast, tacos, pizza, and pasta. 
Drinking : I wish... umm, water mostly. 
Reading: No- I started on two books and lost all interest. Reading isn't really my jam this season. I either want to read ALL the books or no books. 
Wanting: Comfortable shoes that I can wear to work and also putz around in. 
Looking: Pregnant
Deciding: What to get Dom for his birthday. It's a month away... I really wanted to get him a Nintendo 3DS but he has so many electronics as it is. 
Wishing: oh so many things, but I'm moody and pregnant so my wish list changes every other hour. Mostly, I just want to stop barfing so much. 
Enjoying: getting manicures, cuddling, and sleeping as much as possible. 
Waiting: Probably. Aren't we all? 
Liking: anything comfy and baggy. 
Wondering: Are you a boy or a girl ?! I find out the 17th. 
Loving: Dominic, the baby, my friends, my family. 
Pondering: Baby Names
Listening: Old school everything 
Considering: Selling my house and renting a bigger one. Not right away, but in a year or two. 
Buying: Maternity shit, shoes, and baby stuff. 
Watching: What have i watched lately that was worth noting. Sisters on Netflix was good, Nappily Ever After was cute (total chick flick- not Oscar worthy or anything), and Mudbound, depressing ass movie that'll leave you angry at humanity, but also very well acted. 
Hoping: That it STOPS raining. It's been almost 2 weeks. Where did my favorite month/season go ?!
Marveling: At the fact that I cut off all photography shoots, and somehow I have every weekend booked anyway. Apparently, I feel the need to make exceptions for people I know and like. It's okay.. I'm tired, but I need the money. 
Cringing: Usually
Needing: Sympathy, Empathy, Support, for everything to stop annoying me - LOL. 
Smelling: EVERYTHING - pregnancy-nose is no joke. 
Wearing: gray leggings, a black top, and a jacket
Noticing: Nothing, seriously, I've become a big space cadet lately. 
Knowing: *shrugs*
Trouble-shooting: honestly, i feel like my camera isn't working as smoothly lately. I feel like all my photos are coming out too grainy and not all that focused. I may take it in to have it inspected. 
Thinking: I need to remember to get Dominic's glasses tonight. He's been having a hard time reading the board at school lo-and-behold, the kid is nearsighted. 
Admiring: Humans of New York (find them on Facebook or Instagram), have been interviewing people from Nigeria and Ghana, and it amazes me what people survive, overcome, and live with. 
Bookmarking: Nothing new. 
Feeling: Tired but okay. 
Dreaming: Oh man! Hormones have been giving me the WEIRDEST dreams the last few months. 
Hearing: Co workers chatting, the hum of the computer, and my fingers typing. 
Celebrating: All the holidays. Halloween, Dom's birthday, Thanksgiving, etc. 
Embracing: This whole baby thing. I will be honest and say at first I was struggling with being okay with it, mostly it just wasn't in my "plan" but it wasn't prevented either. Don't get me wrong I love them deeply, but with all major things, sometimes the initial shock can send you spiraling. 

Baby, School, DNA, etc

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

x. The cat is COMPLETELY out of the bag. Dominic knows now & so my folks. However, I did not get to tell them I was pregnant in the way I had envisioned. A trip to the ER due to dehydration and high blood pressure. did that for me - which given my mothers initial reaction, was probably for the best. It's as if someone had told her at 60 years old that SHE was going to have another kid. By the time I got back from the ER she was chill and now is pretty excited to hold another baby again.

Dominic is OVER- THE- MOON excited about having a little brother or sister. I didn't expect him to be that happy about it. He went through all of his stuffed animals and showed me the pile the baby can have. He stood in the middle of my room put his hands on his hips and asked "Now where should we put the crib?" . He also stood behind me and patted my back while I threw up, to which I turned around and told him to go be a kid and play. I don't know what I did to deserve that little boy, but he's the best.

x. Speaking of Dominic. He started 2nd grade ! I can't believe it. I feel like he was just in kindergarten like yesterday. I about spilled over in tears. (everything makes me cry). His dad bought him some Jordan's for school and he felt like a cool dude! I don't think he really knows those are expensive shoes, but I think he loved the fact that his dad picked out shoes FOR HIM, & I was particularly proud of him, because he's never done that for him before.

My Results

x. I did the DNA test from My results show that I am extremely white - what's funny is I was told I was 1/2 German my whole life, because culturally my mom's side is completely German. I am not German whats- so- ever & her results show that she barely is. Dominic's was MUCH more interesting. I love that he's Ghanaian, much like my favorite person Faith. I text her immediately and said maybe you're somewhat related!

Dominic's Results Pt 1
Dominic's Results  Pt 2

x. I gave up my photography hustle for now. I am still doing a few people who had previously booked, but I am not taking on new clients. My health and sanity are in desperate need for me to be chill until I start feeling better physically. I'd say I was a little bummed about it, but truthfully- I was getting tired of it and wanted a rest anyway. I'm not sure if I will continue you doing it in the future, or if I will legit have an expensive camera for no reason.

Lately: Summer Edition

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Making : Pictures & what not
Cooking : You know yesterday... I attempted to cook some noodles for a pasta salad. FORGOT I had them on the stove. The noodles absorbed all the water and I burnt the hell out of them. OOPS. 
Drinking : Coffee & Water- always
ReadingWe Are Never Meeting in Real Life- Samantha Irby - It is SO funny. I have literally LOL'd many times over. 
Wanting: A clean house. Look, this child has been home with me all summer and it's been near impossible to keep things cleaned up... and it's not like I can tell him not to play with his toys- lol. 
Looking: Horrible. I legit just rolled out of bed and got to work.
Deciding: If I still want to do event photography, or just give it a firm no. I'm tired y'all.
Wishing:  I'd wake up in shape with little to no effort on my part. ;) 
Enjoying: The summer so far, with swimming, seeing Incredible's 2 with my school mom friends, and hanging out with my favorite folks.
Waiting: For 5pm?
Liking: ALL the wine from Stella Rose. Seriously, every single one they make is delicious.
Wondering: If I should invest in at least one softbox.
Loving: Dominic
Pondering: Nothing
Listening: A$AP Rocky's new album, Jay & Bey's new album, and Kanye & Nas. I love me some Nas- ALWAYS..., Kanye is an idiot , the Jay Z & Beyonce album is whatever - I'm not a huge Beyonce fan, mostly because everything she does sounds the same to me, and I liked maybe two songs on ASAPs new album. I'm getting picky in my old age.
Considering: Trying a new make up. I love my Clinique Even Better foundation, but I'd like a more Matte/flawless foundation when I go out. Any suggestions? I heard Fenty was pretty good?
Buying: No- I've cut myself off.
Watching: I answered this more in depth in the "Marveling" section.
Hoping: That we all make it.
Marveling: BOY AM I (I know this isn't talking about the Comic giant, but bear with me) ! Soo... Eric and I bought the Weeknd's Marvel Comic book. I am a HUGE fan of his. We've also got sucked into Cloak & Dagger, RunAways, Luke Cage & saw Dead Pool 2. Not to mention Dom and I bought Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur 2. We are nerding out in the worst way.
Cringing: Kinda, I started this new anti-depressant to curb my anxiety, and it's making a girl a little headache-y, sleepy, and nauseous. (no, I'm not pregnant)
Needing: Attention. No, I don't know- nothing really.
Smelling: Coffee
Wearing: Clothes
Noticing: That I get way more clients when I post to my normal Facebook page than I did with the business page. I deleted it :)
Knowing: stuff
Trouble-shooting: umm, I need to fix the broken image link on the left side of my page. 
Thinking: This doctor is outrageous for trying to bill a 10 minute session for 30 minutes.
Admiring: Not really. 
Bookmarking: @marksingerman on Instagram - I love me some bold colors, and his are definitely bold.
Feeling: Sleepy, but okay.
Dreaming: You know, I really haven't been. When I was in my teens and 20s - that's seemingly all I did. I don't know if it's an aging thing where you just kind of accept where things are at and go with the flow- or if I'm in a serious funk.
Hearing: Chatter
Celebrating: The 4th next month :) 

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